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personal - GemStone IV interview with JOHTULL

Interview with Johtull Balduvian

Interview held on Feastday, day 6 of the month Charlatos in the year 5110


[Mud Baths, Pool]
A continuous, circular stone wall surrounds this pool, which is filled with smooth, warm mud deep enough to sink a dwarf to the neck. Beneath the mud, the wall slopes gently, ending below the pool's terraqueous floor. You also see a set of stone steps.

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Obvious exits: none

You softly say, "Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed."

" I love this spot You softly say, "I love this spot. Nice and ..."

Johtull says, "This is dirt."

You softly say, "Muddy."

You chuckle at Johtull.

Speaking softly to Johtull, you say, "Yes, but lovely diirt."

You sink down into the warm mud and breathe a sigh of contentment.

Johtull says, "Aye I guess so."

You grin at Johtull.

Johtull says, "So ask away."

You softly say, "There are a number of set questions. Everyone gets asked the same. So here we go."

Johtull squints at you.

You smile at Johtull.

You softly say, "First things first. First question - your name. A hard one. What do you like to be known as."

Johtull says, "My name is Johtull."

Johtull says, "Balduvian. But I don't use that much.""

You softly ask, "No abbreviations? No one called ye Joh?"

Johtull says, "Joh is good."

You softly say, "Excellent - thanks. Ok how many times have you visited the trainer - this is the one question that you don't need to answer is ye nay wish."

You smile at Johtull.
Johtull says, "32 times. Maybe 33 is you count zero"

You softly say, "Nice - a good number - so no stranger to trainer then - far from it."

You softly ask, "How long have you wandered the lands?"

Johtull says, "On and off 3 years."

You softly ask, "What hunting style do you opt for?"

Johtull says, "Ohe."

You softly say, "Incidentally I have a tendency sometimes to jump in with the next question before you finished the last, so apologies for that."

You smile at Johtull.

Johtull says, "It's ok I'm a warrior and a'lil slow."

Speaking softly to Johtull, you say, "We have that in common."

You wink at Johtull.
Johtull says, "Hunting style hit hard and take what hits you can. Or have to."

Speaking softly to Johtull, you say, "That's almost the same as my philosophy of hunting."

You wink at Johtull.

Johtull says, "You a warrior too."

You softly ask, "So you are a sword and board users - have you ever hunted with a different style?"

Johtull says, "Did alil two handed stuff but magic was to tuff to get around without a shield."

You softly ask, "What percentage of your time do you spend hunting? How do you spend your other time?"

Johtull says, "I bet I hunt about 5 % and just hang out the rest."

You softly say, "So socialising? Or drinking."

Johtull says, "Hunt until fried and then not again for an hour."

You take a drink from your dark Araime ale.

You softly say, "Ahhh. Sounds like me once... except I use the mudbath rather than the inn."

Johtull takes a drink from his dark Araime ale.

You nod to Johtull.
Johtull says, "I hang with the elf but don't tell anyone."

You softly say, "Your secret is safe with me..."

Johtull snickers.

You grin.

You softly ask, "What is and/or was your most enjoyable hunting area and why? Can be past or present."

Johtull says, "Ghouls and skeletons when I was 2 or 3 and the world was new and open to me. People was nice and fun to hang with. We didn't kill each other without reason at least. I got a bandana from those days. In my locker. I know it sounds crazy but it the most important thing i have."

You softly say, "Not crazy at all."

Johtull nods to you.

Johtull takes a drink from his dark Araime ale.

You softly ask, "What do you enjoy most about your time in the lands?"

Johtull says, "People. So I guess interacting But I'm not a big talker"

You softly say, "That is good - i'd say the majority of folk I have interviewed have said the same."

Johtull says, "A few close friends and every now and then a new guy or gals comes along."

You nod to Johtull.

ohtull says, "But if you ask me what I hate the most. Let me think. Aye - what do you hate the most. People." Johtull laughs!

You chuckle.

Johtull says, "The ones that fight and sleep with as many as possible."

You nod to Johtull. You softly ask, "Is there anyone within the lands that you admire? (Any profession) Who and why?"

Johtull says, "Yes but ...I think I will keep that to myself."

You softly say, "Totally fine."

You smile at Johtull.

Johtull says, "Long story and boring for you. But the reason I can give. She was the perfect role player and I'm not talking hunting or healing but just real. You know what I mean? I mean she seemed so real here. Me, I will not feel like role play one day or sloppy another day. She was always on. It was refreshing."

You smile at Johtull.

Johtull says, "I taken you off track what next.".

Speaking softly to Johtull, you say, "No it's still on track..."

You smile at Johtull.

You softly say, "Will get to the next question though. What has been your best moment in the lands so far?"

Johtull says, "Tough question for the moment."

You softly ask, "Want to pass on that one?"

Johtull says, "I think so."

You softly say, "Ok no problem."

You softly ask, "What about the worst moment?"

Johtull winces.

Johtull says, "A relationship that didn't work out. I blame myself. I had no idea it would hurt her in real life."

You softly say, "These things happen."

Johtull says, "But I did come close to dieing with no deeds. That was a scary and fun day. Now that would have been aweful. We got killed in the fire wraiths. It that what thet are. Any way offie I believe flys in to save us. But he goes down to a cloud. Or is it she. This how long ago death but a cloud. So another cleric fly in and dies too."

You furrow up your face and wince.

Johtull says, "Now all four of us are dead and waiting at 5 in the morning. And no one is looking in. And I don't have a deed. Back when you die and decay you are gone."

Speaking concernedly to Johtull, you ask, "So what happened?"

You raise an eyebrow in Johtull's direction.

Johtull says, "So someone says log off and I have to choose. Do I cheat or play it out. I stood and someone came just in the nick of time but..."

You fan yourself.

You softly say, "Phew."

Johtull says, "Waiting every minute ticking away."

Johtull laughs!

You chuckle.

Johtull says, "Talk about nerves. it was scary and exciting."

You softly say, "I bet the heart was racing."

You smile at Johtull.

Johtull says, "Aye it was."

You grin.

Johtull says, "You don't get that now days. Death is usless.

Speaking softly to Johtull, you say, "I remember the days when your body decayed and you lost all your items."

Johtull nods.

Johtull says, "I remember people killing you and steal your stuff."

Johtull chuckles.

You softly say, "Not sure I'd want to go back to those days."

Johtull asks, "But again excitement no?"

You softly say, "Ok only a few more questions. What advice would you give to a new warrior?" You softly say, "Does not have to be technical - can be anything.

Johtull says, "Do what gives a warrior an advantage. Shield use load up. Armor... wear the best you can. Swing big and take what you have to. 2x training in shield for a warrior is too sad. Max out in shield. But then again I'm not the best warrior in town."

Johtull shrugs.

Johtull says, "Have fun and be fair to everyone. That is better advice."

Speaking softly to Johtull, you say, "As long as ye breathing, ye got good experience to share I always say. And 'best' is a subjective term." I like ye last advice. Fun is what it should be about."

You agree with Johtull.

Johtull says, "Well I'm breathing today."

Johtull laughs!

You grin at Johtull.

You take a quick appraisal of Johtull and find that he has no apparent wounds.

He has a black-and-blue left eye.

You softly exclaim, "So you are!"

You softly ask, "Ok If you had to do it all again, knowing what you now know, would you do anything differently?" Johtull says, "Of course I would."

Johtull asks, "Would you?"

You softly say, "I'm not sure i would."

Johtull says, "And I'm not talking about training but people. I would never of hurt that gal for alil role play.

You softly say, "Ahhh of course."

You nod to Johtull.

Johtull says, "I didn't realize how it was for her. I do have a few regrets. But as far as training it all good and if you don't like you can change now.

You softly say, "Ok then for the last question. Is there anything you want to add to this interview?"

Johtull rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Johtull says, "Yes there is just alil advice to new comers. Take it for what it is ......It's not a RACE with a winner and losers it a game so have fun."

Speaking softly to Johtull, you say, "Good advice."

Johtull asks, "You think so?? Works for me. Now can we got outta this dirt."

You grin.

Speaking softly to Johtull, you say, "Well thanks for taking the time to be interviewed."

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