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In July 2013, the Four Winds / Premium Guru posted the premium contest for the month. It was a limerick contest. This page was created to record some of the limericks composed.


~ Bansh ~
~ Bremerial ~
~ Luceon ~
~ Lyzzi ~
~ Merelle ~
~ Rohese ~
~ Tdem ~

Written by Bansh

A lovely young damsel named Gwenivease
Had a reputation of being a tease
Felthrop was to blame
In his wagon she came
to exclaim with delight "Deeper please!"

Written by Bremerial God'thor

To untried young warriors I say
When pursuing those creatures to slay
If your foe's skill's exceeding
your own, and you're bleeding
Raise your guard, turn around, run away!

Written by Luceon Korianthil Illistim

There was a young elfmaid named Trayleen
With a demeanor as sweet as a praline
She only wanted a gown
But all she got was a frown
When she barged into a shop with arms flailing

Written by Lyzzi

On Mist Harbor's Island of Species, there are animals free to peruse
You can tickle a lemur, or hug a small rolton, or pet a tortoise if you choose
But my last visit there was disturbing
Found the absence of bunnies perturbing
I suspect that the smile on the face of the snake and its bunny sized bulge were the clues

Written by Merelle

There once was a farmer called Larry
Whose turnips grew bulbous and hairy
But one like their roots
All far and hirsuit
So he now punts the Lochsmehr ferry

Written by Rohese - Title: If trolls did adventure guild bounties..

A troll from Trollfang was trudging,
In search of a troll maid for bludgeoning.
He needed a wife,
To add to his strife
And earn the new title, "Curmudgeon".

Written by Tdem

I have visited every Adventurer's Guild
Found a thousand lost children and bandit blood spilled
Officials escorted
Boss creatures I've thwarted
And sometimes escaped getting killed

Original Contest Information

** Elanthian Limerick Contest ** And now for something completely different! This month we are having a limerick writing contest! For those unfamiliar with the format of a limerick, here is the general scheme. The first and second lines rhyme with each other, then the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other, and the fifth and final lines rhyme with the first two (AABBA). Here is an example:
A girl once went to the fair
She thought she would have fun there
But she fell in the lake
And got hit with a rake
So she left and went home in despair

The only rules are that your entry must be in limerick form, be IG in content, and it can't include blatant swearing or vulgarity! Get your creative juices flowing!

Here are the requirements:
1) Your 5 line limerick! (See above for rules.)

Entries that do not include a limerick will not be considered eligible.
Contestants have until midnight PDT on July 31, 2013 to get entries to me.

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