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personal - GemStone IV interview with FARLIeGH

Interview with Farleigh DeKrill

Interview held on Feastday, day 6 of the month Charlatos in the year 5110


[Mud Baths, Pool]
A continuous, circular stone wall surrounds this pool, which is filled with smooth, warm mud deep enough to sink a dwarf to the neck. Beneath the mud, the wall slopes gently, ending below the pool's terraqueous floor. You also see a set of stone steps.

Also here: Farliegh Obvious exits: none

Farliegh sinks down into the warm mud.
Farliegh leans against a set of stone steps.

You softly say, "It's amazing I don't sink with all this armor on."

You chuckle.
Farliegh chuckles.

You softly say, "Ahhh the wonders of Teras mud."

Farliegh shrugs.

Farliegh says, "I try not to think about it too much. Might drive me crazy."

You softly say, "Well thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. As you may or may not know, there are certain set questions that are asked of all interviewees. This is to allow for consistency."

Farliegh agrees with you.

Farliegh says, "Makes sense."

A violent scream emits from Farliegh's soft leather satchel!
Farliegh glances at his soft leather satchel.

Speaking to his soft leather satchel, Farliegh says, "Hush."

Speaking to you, Farliegh asks, "Want me to put fred asleep for this?"

You grin at Farliegh.

You softly say, "Nay-- let Fred be active."

Farliegh nods.

You softly say, "Ok."

You clear your throat.
Farliegh turns an inquisitive ear towards you.

You softly say, "First question is the easiest. What is your name. What do you like to be called"

Farliegh exclaims, "12! Oh...... name is Farliegh DeKrill, from the clan DeKrill, of course. Usually go by Far."

You softly say, "And how many times have you visited the trainer."

Farliegh says, "64."

Farliegh nods.

You softly say, "A goodly many times then."

You softly ask, "How long have you wandered the lands?"

Farliegh says, "Oh...hrm...I'd say since probably...5095? 96? Something like that. Tho I frequently got called back to the manor to attend to family affairs."

You softly say, "I understand totally."

You softly ask, "What hunting style do you opt for?"

Farliegh says, "Two weapon combat. Usually with katars. Tho I berserk a lot with duel axes. Big fan of hitting things a lot. In a very limited amount of time.

You softly say, "Sounds exciting... it was a style I thought of for many years...Have you always hunted that way? Ever used a board?"

Farliegh says, "I've always trained in two weapon combat. Tho for a long while it just wasn't very...efficient... So I also learned to use a shield and would sometimes use that. Usually had to do that to solo hunt, but in groups I'd switch to a second weapon."

Farliegh shrugs.

Farliegh says, "Wasn't always katars however. Did broadswords, then longswords, and then went to katars."

You interestedly ask, "Are you still able to use a board or have you abandoned that now?"

Farliegh says, "Ahh, I gave em up. Only time I've used a shield in recent years was to slide down a mountain."

You chuckle.

You softly say, "Aye - I was there. Missed the finals alas, but did try and die."

Farliegh chuckles.

You grin.
Farliegh says, "Congratulations on your prodigious drinking skills."

Farliegh nods to you.
Farliegh grins.
You grin.
You chuckle.

Speaking softly to Farliegh, you say, "Hope to be known in the future for more than the dwarf who was third best at avoiding projectile vomitting... but for now, it's an achievement."

You grin at Farliegh.

Farliegh grins at you.

Farliegh says, "Take what you can get, I always try to."

Farliegh winks at you.
You snicker.
You agree with Farliegh.

You softly say, "Ok since we talked about hunting.....What percentage of your time do you spend hunting? How do you spend your other time?"

Farliegh says, "Oy...percantages. You should know better then to ask warriors to do math."

Farliegh rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You grin at Farliegh.
You incline your head.

You softly say, "Totally bad of me."

Farliegh says, "Lately its been a lot, cause I'm trying to catch up to Lith. But usually...I spend a lot of time on my a*se, sitting around, talking, joking, flirting, and what not. I also manage to work guild work in there."

You softly say, "Sounds like a good way to spend time to me."

Farliegh says, "Huge fan of the guild. Tho my trainer yells at me for it."

Speaking softly to Farliegh, you say, "Trainer yells at everyone if it's any consolation."

Speaking to you, Farliegh says, "That's why they are called trainers."

Farliegh grins.

You chuckle at Farliegh.
Farliegh grins.

You softly ask, "What is and/or was your most enjoyable hunting area and why?"

Farliegh says, "I've actually been really enjoying trollkings and harbs out in darkstone of late. They work great for field reps for me, and my hunting style is particularly suited to em."

Speaking softly to Farliegh, you say, "You'd be surprised - or not perhaps - at how many people love Darkstone. Seems to be common with warriors."

You nod to Farliegh.

Farliegh says, "Hammerfist em to the ground, and a focused mstrike of 8 swings usually puts them out. Being in voln, its easy to get to, and usually not too crowded for folks minding if I lose my head and zerk in on em."

Speaking softly to Farliegh, you say, "That is brutal."

Farliegh shrugs at you."

Farliegh says, "Sounds good for warriors to me."

You softly say, "Brutal is good."

Farliegh grins at you.

Farliegh says, "I'm all for brutal....Specially to someone else"

You softly exclaim, "A true warrior!"

You grin at Farliegh.
Farliegh grins.
Farliegh says, "I like to think so."

You remove a stein of dark Khanshael ale from in your ebony cloak.
Farliegh drools.
You softly say, "Sorry where are my manners."

You offer your dark Khanshael ale to Farliegh.
Farliegh has accepted your offer and is now holding a stein of dark Khanshael ale.
Farliegh says, "Thank ya kindly."
Farliegh raises his dark Khanshael ale in a toast!
Farliegh takes a drink from his dark Khanshael ale.
Farliegh looks rather relaxed.

Farliegh says, "Ahh, that was good, thank ya."

You softly ask, "What do you enjoy most about your time in the lands?"  

Farliegh says, "Friends I've made. Have had some good ones over the years.

You softly ask, "Who sticks in your mind the most?"

Farliegh asks, "You realize if I don't say Lith she's going to kill me right?"

Farliegh looks at you, his eyes wide with an expression of innocence. Who does he really think he's fooling?!

You chuckle.

Farliegh says, "I've made a lot of friends over the years...hard to pick out one who sticks out the most, other then, of course, my fiance."

You softly say, "Actually that ties nicely into the next question in a way. Is there anyone within the lands that you admire? (Any profession) Who and why?"

Farliegh says, "Oh quiet a few. But for now, we'll go with Lith."

Farliegh flashes a quick grin.

Farliegh says, "For one, I tend to like warriors...tho I might be biased, seeing as how I am one. But I find us to be a diverse group. But Lith I particularly admire...cause One, she's a brute...Two, she's dedicated... Knows a lot about being a warrior, and ways to do it....Three, she's eager to help others...started that guild night in the landing, I believe, and she's certainly helped me advance my guild skills. I only got where I am because of the assistance I received.....Four, she knows her tactics. Smart warrior lass, her. General in the fury and all that, and knows how to lead a group about in an invasion....Five, she's dead sexy when she's knockin' some beasts head with that big ole maul of hers. Looking sexy when killin' critters goes a long way in my book."

Farliegh nods to you."

You softly say, "When ye next see Lith tell her I have an interview spot reserved for her."

You wink at Farliegh.
Farliegh says, "Will don."

Farliegh coughs.
Farliegh says, "Do."

Farliegh nods to you.

Speaking softly to Farliegh, you say, "She sound like someone to be reckoned with."

Farliegh says, "And plus, she's just fun to be around in general, and doesn't take herself too serious. And she laughs at my jokes, I like that a lot. Did I answer the question?"

You softly say, "Indeed - and very well."

You softly ask, "So onto the next - What has been your best moment in the lands so far?"

Farliegh says, "Hrm. Really hard to pin it down to one moment. Had a lot of good ones."

You softly say, "Well you can pick our more than one if it's hard to divide them."

Farliegh says, "I know mastering voln felt really good. Took me years to do that. Years!"

Farliegh stares off into space.

Farliegh says, "Tho I'm slow."

Farliegh shrugs.

You softly ask, "Always been a voln member? Never thought of Sunfist?"

Farliegh says, "Oh, aye...I like sunfists goals and such. And I've gone and fought in a warcamp or two, which is just a hoot. Specially with fellow warriors...warriors make good hunting partners. But after spending years to master voln...."

As Farliegh shakes his head, small flakes of ash fall slowly toward the ground.

Farliegh frowns.
Farliegh carefully brushes the volcanic ash and soot off himself.

Speaking softly to Farliegh, you say, "I totally understand."

Farliegh says, "Don't see myself giving up the calling of voln, even for a cause like sunfist. Plus I enjoy being able to fog people out of danger entirely too much"

Speaking softly to Farliegh, you ask, "Any other memorable moments? Or is Voln the one you're focussing on?"

Farliegh says, "Hrm."

Farliegh says, "Other then having to stay drunk most the time on the wavedancer to avoid sea sickness...I enjoyed a cruise on it a lot. Me and boats don't agree. Ever."

You softly ask, "Well then, What has been your worst moment in the lands so far? Sound like that's the same as the best moment to me - you and boats."

Farliegh says, "Any time on a boat completely sober."

Farliegh nods.
You grin at Farliegh.
Farliegh says, "I can't tell you how much I miss that boot to get to rivers rest."

You agree with Farliegh.

You softly say, "Ok just three more questions I think.".

You softly ask, "What advice would you give to a new warrior?"

Farliegh says, "Do what you enjoy."

You nod to Farliegh.

Farliegh says, "Lots of ways to be a warrior, and most of work great. Some, not so great...But if you enjoy it, stick to it."

You softly say, "I like that."

Farliegh says, "When I first came to the lands, I was told two weapon combat was nothing but misery and a sure way to death. And in some was. But I still enjoyed it. And now find it to be extremely effective."

Farliegh shrugs.

You softly say, "I like that answer."

You smile at Farliegh.
Farliegh grins at you.

Farliegh says, "Thanks."

You softly ask, "If you had to do it all again, knowing what you now know, would you do anything differently?"

Quiet gurgling issues from Farliegh's soft leather satchel.

Speaking to his soft leather satchel, Farliegh says, "Oh hush, you weren't asked."

Farliegh says, "Hard to say. I rather like who I am today. And I wouldn't be that man without what came before."

You softly say, "Sounds fair enough to me."

Farliegh says, "I probably could have done without that time i woke up"

Farliegh waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.
You chuckle.
You grin.
You listen carefully to Farliegh.
You snicker.
Farliegh grins at you.
You grin at Farliegh.
You softly say, "Perhaps I have to do another interview with you... for the top shelf of the boards."

Farliegh says, "I'm sure I don't know what your talking about."

Farliegh looks at you, his eyes wide with an expression of innocence. Who does he really think he's fooling?!
You wink at Farliegh.

You softly say, "Ok final question for ye. The last question is a general catch all question. Is there anything you want to add to this interview?"

Farliegh rubs his chin thoughtfully.
You softly say, "Anything I have not asked and you'd like to add or say."
Farliegh says, "Oh ya, actually."

You listen carefully to Farliegh.

Farliegh says, "Trying to think of a diplomatic way to put this. Not my strong suit."

Farliegh rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You softly say, "Just go for it."

Farliegh says, "I think things would be better if more folks learned to rely on their own magics for hunting. Can't really learn to fight and learn your tactics...if you walk around glowin like the top of the volcano here. I've got no problem with things you've learned to do on your own. Be it rubbing a crystal, or invoking a scroll, or what not. But stop pestering wizards for spells, and thinking that's the only way to hunt. Wouldn't hurt my feelings at all if everyone woke up one day and the only way magics would work...was if you were stuck with em when you were fighting. Kinda like how them cleric spells work."

Speaking softly to Farliegh, you say, "That's certainly an interesting thought... and I know some that would whole heartedly agree with ye."

Farliegh nods.

Speaking softly to Farliegh, you say, "A good way to end the interview i think... a great discussion point that could almost be the start of another interview."

You wink at Farliegh.

Farliegh says, "Used to be a common way of thinking, but you don't see it much anymore."

Farliegh grins.

Farliegh says, "Aye, I'll get off my soapbox now."

Farliegh grins at you.

You chuckle.
s You softly say, "Heck - it's that kind of original and personal thinking that these interviews are designed to explore."

You smile at Farliegh.
Farliegh grins.

You softly say, "So keep that soapbox with ye and use it."

Farliegh says, "I look forward to seeing the results of it."

Farliegh nods to you.

You softly say, "I'd like to thank you so much for your time.".

Farliegh says, "Oh, always glad to waste time talking rather then doing something to advance myself.".

Farliegh nods to you.
Farliegh grins at you..

Farliegh says, "Glad for the excuse."

Farliegh faces you and smartly brings his right fist up to his chest. Holding it there, he bows deeply.

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