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personal - binhead blog

Archive Blog 2006

25th June 2006 11:54

Your custom is important!

I've just been waiting on the phone for a ridiculous amount of time waiting to talk to someone from my online bank. I get the following stupid message:

"We apologise for the delay. Your call is held in a queue and will be answered shortly. Don't hang up. You're custom is important to us!"

If my blo*dy custom is so important to them WHY DON'T THEY EMPLOY MORE STAFF to deal with my query instead of keeping me hanging on! To make matters worse I spent five minutes going through a stupid automated system.

"If you are calling about blah blah blah press 1"
"If you are calling about blah blah blah blah press 2"
"If you are calling about blah blah blah blah blah press 3"

22nd June 2006 07:50

New hair style - Gah!

I went to the hairdressers in Wolverhampton yesterday. Trying to find a decent hairdressers in my small town is next to impossible. I suppose it's also the issue of going to someone that you kind of know...even though I hadn't had my hair done for quite some time...well years actually. The problem with hairdressers is that you have to be a very strong personality I think to go with an idea in mind for yourself and not get talked out of it. I wanted to have my hair cut short... but compromised and had a bob. Just so strange. I'm not a weak willed, lily livered streak of p*ss by any stretch of the imagination and yet I could not stick to my guns and have the cut I wanted. What's with that anyway. I suppose the fact that it turned out alright anyway probably is an indication that in the final analysis, relying on the experts was the best course of action. Perhaps that's how I console myself. I was relying in the experts! Yes! I'll say that to myself a couple of times a night until I believe it.

17th June 2006 08:47

Bond? Never heard of it!

I took a picture of a car that a colleague has had for 13 years but which is much much older. It's a Bond car. Yep...I hadn't heard of it either, but it's a great looking car!!


12th June 2006 06:12

Lazy Cow

I can't believe how lazy I have become over the past five weeks. I've eaten like a pig and allowed myself to become as unhealthy as some indolent fat pig. There's no excuse for it. Life is far too short to not make the most of what we have not and that includes keeping my body in better condition. I have to watch what I am eating a little more and get some exercise done. Starting today!

11th June 2006 08:50

England Expects

England played their first match yesterday against Paraguay. it was an unconvincing win, but nevertheless - a WIN! C'mon England! I spent the whole match screaming at the screen!

10th June 2006 08:00

Suicide an 'Act of Warfare?'

Just listening to the news at stories of three people who have comitted suicide at Guantanamo Bay. The camp comander has reportedly said that 'this act is an act of warfare.' Is it just me or is there something VERY wrong here? The US need to try them or release them. If these people are guilty of some crime, then try them as criminals. Indefinite imprisonment is never acceptable!

9th June 2006 06:40

Heat Wave

The weather has been fantastic over the last few days and is set to continue. A veritable heat wave!

8th June 2006 21:07

Lucky thing! '

I managed to pick England to win the world cup in the office draw. I've also put a fiver on them at 7-1 to win the cup. However I have this sneaky suspicion that Germany will do it. Bah! Hope I am wrong.

6th June 2006 06:06


I'm more superstitious than I care to admit! Today is not a good day!

5th June 2006 18:30

Holiday Preparations

Preparations for the Italian holiday are almost complete. I am sooooooooo looking forward to this holiday.

28th May 2006 17:44

End of an era

There's been a Bagnalls Toyshop in town for as long as I can remember. I remember the excitement at wading through the toys. However the store has now closed. I guess it was bound to happen in a way. They sold traditional toys and everything these days is electronic, digital and computerized. Kids seem to prefer their consoles to a bike ride or a kick-about in the park. Oh well. It's the end of an era.

Picture of the closed Bagnalls Store

21st May 2006 08:10

Eurovision Song Contest

I not only watched the whole of the Eurovision Song Contest but recorded it. it's a great competition...I don't care what anyone says! Terry Wogan can be funny in his commentary, although I think yesterday he was a tad over the top. Finland won the competition with a rock horror act and song. Lets hear it for Finland. (I think UK came 19/25 - something like that.)

19th May 2006 17:33

Ebay again.

Sorry to harp on about Ebay again but I gave my first negative feedback to someone. They didn't respond to my emails after purchasing an item from me. The twits!

16th May 2006 23:01


I'm sick of hearing of government sleaze... or rather the press's reporting of it. The press report issues, stir the pot and then state that this stirring is evidence of a problem. It's often only a problem because people are stirring. Most people couldn't give a toss about who is sleeping with whom. As long as politicians run the economy efficiently and don't do anything that interferes with our well-being or conflicts with their office, then they can bonk who they want, where they want as far as I'm concerned. It's none of my business.

11th May 2006 23:01

Having fun with Ebay.

I advertised a plastic cup and beer mat on Ebay. Did I get any takers? No. Despite the low price of £0.01 no one was tempted by this rare item! Oh well. Will just have to send it to recycling. I guess people don't know a good thing when they see it... Or perhaps they do!

The description was as follows:
An ORIGINAL design Icon! This is an original plastic cup ornately decorated with designer ribbing about it's exterior and embossed with 'intriguing' symbols on its rear.

This cup has been used once only but its condition is AS NEW! It still contains a few droplets of Staffordshire water, which will be included with this item at no extra charge. (Warning: I cannot legislate for any evaporation that may occur during transportation.)

It comes with an extra feature, a staple strategically embedded 1/4 inch below the upper rim for added beautification.

A FREE 'Stop means Stop' beermat will also be thrown in.

Finally, I will provide a signed photograph of the artist and a certification of Authenticity.

Please note that you are free to submit this item for the Turner prize should you so wish.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own something that may make you the envy of your friends!

Snapshot of Ebay advert

1st May 2006 14:22

GemStone IV.

Well I went and did it. I've re-subscribed to an online text based game called GemStone IV. It's been a number of years since I was last in this game and I hope I can control my previous addiction. It's a great game.

27th April 2006 10:35

Lazy lazy lazy.

I can't believe how lazy I've been. Not just with updating this website or keeping my blog up-to-date but with other things like learning Italian. I've started to play an online game called GemStone IV again and it's getting quite addictive. I'll have to watch myself. Doesn't do to get too lazy.

22nd April 2006 09:25

Lewis completes his castle.

Well my nephew has now completed his own castle.

21st April 2006 06:52

The Queen is 80 Today.

I'm not a rabid royalist but I do think the queen is one of this country's biggest assets. She is 80 today. Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth! I've included a BBC profile on the queen.and details about how the queen celebrated her 80th birthday.

Picture of queen on British Stamp

17th April 2006 19:56

Another man in the family.

Our household has been made up predominantly of women for years. Mother, three daughters and my father as the sole representative of the male sex. We like to think we have him nicely trained. He goes shopping with us, does the vacuuming and never dares to complain when we want to watch Coronation Street rather than the highlights of Test Cricket. Ok, so he's a little out-numbered.

We have had our nephew to stay and the harmony has been broken. The thin end of the wedge is walking into the bathroom and finding the toilet seat up! This boy will have to be taken in hand....and quickly!

picture of a toilet with the seat up

16th April 2006 09:35

Easter is upon us.

I'm not particularly religious but Happy Easter to you all.

13th April 2006 22:34

Lottery syndicate agreement

I tried to find a simple template for a lottery syndicate agreement online. Could I find one? Could I 'eck as like! Companies were charging left right and centre for them. So I've put one together for myself. Lottery syndicate template. Feel free to use it if you think it's suitable for you. I recommend that you open it in Notepad. There should be no horizontal scrolling but if if the text scrolls horizontally when opened in Notepad then just press 'format' and 'word-wrap'. If you open it in something other than notepad then you're on your own when it comes to horizontal scrolling. C'mon now. I'm not going to do all the work for you!

snapshot of Notepad

12th April 2006 18:59

Castle building

My niece has to build a castle for history. My mother and I have spent what must be close to a total of 36 person hours helping her construct her castle. To be honest, despite my huffing and puffing and protesting at having to use scissors and glue and card, it's been relatively fun. It's taken me back a good few years to the time when i enjoyed such enterprises. Anyway, the castle is almost complete so I thought I'd show y'awl what it looks like. View my niece's castle The advice regarding the creation of a castle came from a site called Your Child

9th April 2006 09:56


There was a song by Bruce Hornsby and the Range that, when played, always seemed to result in something bad happening in my life. Ok that sounds so stupid when I say it out loud. Perhaps its the fact that the some was popular during a time when I was having a crappy time in the job I was doing. So like Pavlov's dog, the song triggers all the negative emotions associated with that time. The point is that I heard the song playing yesterday. Normally when I hear it, I am in a position to move away or turn it off. yesterday the circumstances were such that I had to sit and listen to it the whole way through. Now I am waiting for something bad to happen. I'm such a relatively rational person normally. But what do you do when superstition is stronger than reason?

6th April 2006 23:14

Chinese torture!

I've been having major problems with a tooth. it's a nerve issue. I've had a hole drilled into the tooth so that an infection can be drained but it's very painful at the moment. I went to a restaurant with some friends and suffered what I can only refer to as a double whammy. (1) I could not eat much due to the pain; and (2)I discovered that I really don't like Chinese food. Not enough taste for me. Or perhaps I just selected the wrong food. The company was good though and I still managed to have a pretty good time.
snapshot from chinese menu

1st April 2006 12:46

College refund

Well my college have been good enough to refund 1/4 of my course fees for an Italian course. Basically for 3 months, they were not providing the course as required. They've provided the refund now as requested and proved the point that complaining can be a good thing.

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