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personal - binhead blog

Archive Blog 2006

30th August 2006 17:45

And the winner is...?

from the sublime to the ridiculous....I managed to get on the scoreboard of an online arcade of games. It's pathetic I know, but I actually loved the fact that I managed to beat some folks in these games.

Picture of scoreboard

30th August 2006 10:20

RSS - and the light dawns

Well I have finally - I think - figured out RSS. At least I understand the basics. Now to work on it a bit. For further information about RSS read this brief guide.

[Valid RSS feed]

28th August 2006 19:01


Here we go...more superstition. I saw a wonderful rainbow today. Now for that pot of gold!

picture of a rainbow

26th August 2006 14:01


Where did this edict come from that we should all be eating five portions of fruit a day? Personally I can't stand fruit!

picture of a peach

25th August 2006 09:50

Itchy Hand

I've had an itchy right hand for the last three days now. Now..I'm not too superstitious, but I am willing to believe the old superstition that a an itchy right hand means that a person is going to receive money. Lottery win..Here I Come!!

picture of my right hand

21st August 2006 19:30

Bowling - Slaughtered by a 12 year old

My niece beat me at bowling for the first time ever. I was trying too! She got a couple of strikes and a load of spares without even trying! Disgusting! I demand a rematch!

9th August 2006 07:45


My nephew is staying with us. We were playing football when he suddenly decided to spit. That is something that he's picked up from the professional footballers. It's a disgusting habit. And they say that children don't emulate their heroes?? Rubbish! How can someone carrying out such a disgusting habit, look so angelic when sleeping? Ahhh. Bless his little cotton socks!

picture of nephew sleeping

3rd August 2006 07:03

Colleague leaving

A colleague - Sue Emery - has announced that she is leaving. She is moving with her partner, having both obtained jobs for different companies in Surrey. To be honest I think it was on the cards. She recently attained some higher health and safety qualifications and I think it was generally felt that her current job would be a stepping stone to better things. I actually thought that she'd go and work the the H.S.E.! She will be missed. She made a good contribution to the team. It's interesting that she is the age that I was when I made a move from my last job. It's also reminded me that I have been in my current job for 8 years now....that's something I didn't plan. Ummm.

1st August 2006 07:20

Dealing with death

My friend's mother passed away a while back. I knew her mother. I am finding it hard to simply go over to the father and say that I am sorry for his loss. The longer I leave it, the harder it is becoming. I have no idea why!

24th July 2006 06:31

Is Blair a poodle

I am a Labour supporter at the moment, although probably a Liberal Democrat by inclination. I have actually supported Blair for a while now. But I am getting fed up of him following behind Bush like some kind of poodle. The UK is not the 51st state of the US. I am beginning to lose patience with Blair at the moment. He was elected to do what was right, not to do what the US tells him. I cannot claim to be privy to what is in his mind. I can only judge him on his actions. And at the moment I have to say...he is appearing to be the pet poodle of Bush!

picture of Tony Blair as a poodle

21st July 2006 17:02

Middle East Crisis

Often I try to shut out some of the things going on this world over which I feel I have no control. However the Current Middle East crisis is worrying. It's a battle between the Israeli state and Hezbollah, with Israeli and Lebanese civilians being caught in the middle. And while people argue about who started it, many people are dying. I am also concerned that the Israeli response to the initial kidnap of two soldiers, and the rockets being fired into Israel is not proportional. Their approach reminds me of the Sean Connery words in the Untouchables: 'They bring a knife, you bring a gun; They put one of yours in the hospital, you put one of their in the morgue...'

It is of course very easy for me to moralise, miles away in my nice comfortable room. But despite my self-confessed natural sympathy for and instinct to support Israel, I an very uneasy about their current actions.

20th July 2006 07:50

Hot hot hot!!

We are having one heck of a heat wave. The temperature was 35 degrees where I live and I hear it was the hottest July day ever recorded.

15th July 2006 22:50

Fantastic Holiday!

Well I've been back from my holiday for over a week now. It was fantastic. For details visit the Italy 2006 pages on this site.

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