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personal - MX5 Modifications

As much as I loved my car upon delivery, there was still scope for modification to make it more personalised. I have - and will continue to - detail modifications made to the car.




  The 'M' shape style bar enhances the car. I would have gone for a rollbar though, had I given the matter a little more thought. Nevertheless a good modification.

  The chrome filler cap is fantastic. A beautiful addition.

  The chrome outer door handle enhances the car's look. The only negative is that I had assumed that the whole door handle would be replaced rather than just a stick on section added. Failure due to my lack of research. Still, it looks very nice.

  The chrome mirror finish looks excellent. However it comes off all too easily. Mine fell onto the ground after brushing past it. It was put on by my dealership. I've kept it off now, having become paranoid about it flying off when driving.

  The lexus clear lights are fantastic. One of the best mods made! They add a touch of class.

  The clear side reflectors is in keeping with the other modification. If adding chrome features to a car, then this sits nicely with those features. Much better than the standard orange lights.

  The rear spoiler took ages to come - over 5 months from ordering. However it is very nice. I didn't want anything to ostentatious and this enhances the car without making it too brassy.

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  The MX5 owners club sunstrip certainly makes you stand out in the crowd. I loved it for 8 months but got bored with it and removed it. Nice to have my windscreen back.

  The white zoom zoom decal is a must. Ok, it's a nice to have if you like decals. Mine is clearly visible via the rear window. A nice touch.

  This baby face decal...what was I thinking of! I've removed it. The less said about this decal, the better.

  The ladymxenna decal doesn't enhance the car really. However i wanted to display my owners club user name, and this decal does that admirably.

  The clear level high brake light is much better than the original red light. I could not fit it however despite the best efforts of various colleagues, so I left it to my dealership. Looks great!

  Knobmeister visorplugs. What can I say. They are beautiful and I love them to bits. However the removal of my visors was the most stupid - and for me - the most dangerous thing I have done. I didn't realise the problems that low lying sun and no visors would cause me. I've removed the plugs now. Never sacrifice safety for visual appeal. That's the motto I intend to live by with regard to all future mods.

  Alloy pedal pads look the business. I just need to find a way to stop the screws rusting and spoiling the look somewhat. Working on a plan now!

  Alloy footrest is functional and decorative. This mod is in keeping with others. I got my dealership to fit this although I suspect that this was actually within my own capabilities.

  Fog lights! Zowie! Love them....They really enhance the look of the car. I've not have call to use them yet - within the law that is. The only pain was having to replace the whole of the right fog light when the glass shattered.

  I hated the brushed alloy handbrake and gear knob. Looked like tat, and felt like tat. A clear case of the standard items far surpassing these mods. I replaced them within a day of fitting.

  The chrome edge protection is functional, decorative and best of all rust-proof. I love it. I had to cut it down to size and that was a tad tricky.

  The alloy heal pad looks wonderful, but fitting it was a big mistake. It wears out the heels of my shoes. I think I'd rather buy a new car mat than ruin successive shoes. Also I couldn't rest my feet properly on the metal surface. Occasionally, my feet actually slipped. I am going to remove this and get a new car mat.

  The woven mesh grill on the front of the car just looks the dog's whatsits. The car came with a hexagon grill which I didn't particularly like. Nice mod. No regrets with this one.

The dual exhausts would rate as the single most expensive mod made to the car and most certainly the best. It is not only the visual alteration to the rear of the car that I love but the wonderful throaty sound the car makes on starting up and accelerating. Best of all, this modification is compatible with any potential future supercharging. Possibly the best thought out modification made to date!




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