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personal - v festival 2011 - day one

This was the first day of the festival where people could go, select their camping spot and get the lay of the land. Unfortunately I was not going to be able to stay overnight on this first day of the festival due to other commitments. However it would not stop me doing all the rest. I certainly wanted to ensure that I had a decent camping spot!

I set the alarm for 05:30am and managed to stir from my pit at about 06:00am. I rallied the troops, turfing my nephew and niece out of bed at 06:10am. Their friends arrived by 07:00 and we managed to pack all our items in the back of my small hatchback.

picture of my V festival ticket

We travelled down the motorway and got stuck in traffic from Junction 12 of the M6. A 40 minute journey took over three hours. We had to pay £10.00 to pay for a car parking spot and were directed to car park East 3. Upon arrival in the car park I was shocked to find that I was promptly dumped by the four 17 year olds and left to cart my own gear to the campsite. Actually I wasn't THAT shocked. I guess no 17 year old wants a middle aged tag-along. (Did I say middle aged? I meant mature!)

I made my way to the campsite, entering Gold campsite first. I had intended to walk to the Blue campsite but to be honest, it was just too far to go lugging my gear, so the Gold Campsite suddenly became very appealing.

I found a suitable spot and offloaded my gear. It took me 1 hour to put the tent up. I dumped non-valuable stuff inside the tent and made my way to the various arenas, wandering through other camps and within the surrounding area for a few hours, exchanging my ticket for a wristband and purchasing my souvenir brochure.

After a further couple of hours of meandering I made my way back to the car park and made my way home. I was amazed that I found my car relatively easily among the thousands of other cars.

picture of my car packed with items

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