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personal - Singapore, new Zealand & HONG KONG Tour - 2012

Day Thirteen

We decided that the best way to see Hong Kong was via an organised tour. We took an opportunity to look at the famous Promenade and to walk some of this area, with its great views of the Harbour. We then took a shuttle laid on by the hotel, to pick up the Hong Kong orientation tour, from outside the YMCA off Nathan Road.

The tour guide was Terri who provided us with the following information:

As part of our Orientation tour we went to Victoria Peak for some MAGNIFICENT views. We went onto the Aberdeen Fishing Village where we got to take a ride on a traditional sampan and to view the floating community. We stopped off at a factory. which was a well known jewellery workshop, and got some information about the city's best export. We got some stunning views of Repulse Bay and the South China Sea on route to Stanley Market. The landscape was beautiful. We ended at the market, and bought a few items. I know we are supposed to haggle but I just couldn't do it. So I bought items at the price advertised.

We were taken back to our hotel where we took an opportunity to have an evening stroll on the promenade.

Day Fourteen

This was our last day so we took the shuttle to the centre of town and meandered. The weather was boiling so we sought shade wherever we could find it. We ended up going into a museum and wandering around for a few hours, before going back to get the shuttle back to the Hotel, where we relaxed, inside and out until we were picked up in the evening by our hired vehicle to be taken to the airport for the plane back to London.

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