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Vaughn's Vision Award
Date Received: 07/01 (mm/yy)

Vaughn's Vision Award


Just wanted to say that I gained a lot from your site, especially the section on women traveling single. I am going to Mexico this week and even though I'll have my husband with me the tips were still very helpful. We would like to offer you our Gold award. Sincerely, Frances, Vaughan's Visions Awards (Permission received for reduction in size of award.)

Award Program Closed

Award Program Name and Graphic

Visions Award
Date Received: 01/05 (mm/yy)

Visions Award


Laudation lost. Assume it was something gushing! ;)

Award Program Name and Graphic

VSDA Award
Date Received: 09/01 (mm/yy)

VSDA Award


It affords me great pleasure to award your website our VSDA Design Supreme for an excellent and well presented website both visually and technically. You have done a first class job with this project.

Comments by John Wilkins ~ One of the most impressive sites I have viewed. Well designed and constructed in all aspects.
Comments by Marianne ~ I found this site to be a very good design overall.
Comments by Igor ~ Clean, simple and efficient, but aesthetically excellent design!

Congratulations on an excellent creation, your site is very deserving of our Design Supreme Award, which has proved to be an extremely difficult award to earn and yet your web creation has done so. You can be justifiably proud of this award.

Award Program Closed

Award Program Name and Graphic

Witheridge Award
Date Received: 12/04 (mm/yy)

Witheridge Award


It is with genuine pleasure that we welcome you to that very small, but select band of website owners, who have managed to create a site that meets the very exacting criteria demanded by this award, and as such, recognises that your site is among the best in the world.

In awarding you with our Silver Award with an averaged score of 90.5, our experienced team of evaluators recognise that your site not only meets exacting compliance and accessibility standards, but also sets extremely high design and content standards providing family safe viewing, whilst at all times complying fully with international copyright laws, respects fully the individual's privacy, and has quality content.

I attach to this letter a copy of the review sheet for your site which may be of interest to you. This shows your averaged marks based on how our judges scored your evaluation, and it is our hope that this will not only explain how we arrived at our decision, but also help you identify any areas where there is scope for further improvement.

Should you wish to ask for any advice or assistance on improving your work further, please do not hesitate to contact me, and either I, or one of my dedicated team will be delighted to assist you in achieving your aim.

Award Program Closed

Award Program Name and Graphic

WDS Choice Business Award
Date Received: 07/01 (mm/yy)

WDS Choice Business Award


Congratulations. Your website meets our criteria.

Award Program Name and Graphic

Yep Its a Webpage Award
Date Received: 08/01 (mm/yy)

Yep its a Webpage Award


CONGRATULATIONS!  Your site has met ned's strict criteria and has won ned's - Yup...It's a Web Page Award! Congratulations again and thanks for applying! Christopher.

Award Program Closed.

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