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Award Program Name and Graphic

Safehaven Award
Date Received: 01/02 (mm/yy)

Safe Haven Award


I am pleased to tell you that your site scored 77 points out of a possible 100, giving you the Bronze Award. A detailed score-sheet is attached. I was particularly impressed with your dedication to providing quality information and resources for surfers in a variety of areas. I cannot think of a single person in this world who would not benefit from a visit to your site. Your design and layout are very pleasing to the eye and complement the overall structure of the site. Congratulations and enjoy!  Best regards,  Karen Janes

Award program Closed

Award Program Name and Graphic

Scorpio Cool Site Award
Date Received: 01/02 (mm/yy)

Scorpio Cool Site Award


Hi & Congrats' Sorry for the 'huge' delay in replying - Just come back from a long vacation in the States. Yours is a great site and a worthy winner.  All the best for the New Year. Very Best Wishes, Jay - Scorpiosite

Award Program Closed

Award Program Name and Graphic

Seal of Approval Award
Date Received: 01/02 (mm/yy)

Seal of Approval Award


I have reviewed your website from top to bottom and I truely enjoyed my visit! (Your website name is truely strange!) Your website was truely put together with a whole lot of TLC!  Therefore, it is my honor to present you with my Seal Of Approval Gold Award. I truely enjoyed my visit and Thank-You for making the World Wide Web a better place for everyone! Sincerely, Tony "ArmyVet" Bucaro

Award Program Closed.

Award Program Name and Graphic

Silverspike Award
Date Received: 01/02 (mm/yy)

Silverspike Award


Congratulations, it is our pleasure to award your website with our Silver award. You have a well designed site that meets the criteria for the award level given.  We appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to visiting your site in the future!  Best wishes for continued success with your internet endeavors.  Award manager SAS Michelle Blaine.

Award Program Closed

Award Program Name and Graphic

Sinapsis Award
Date Received: 02/02 (mm/yy)

Sinapsis Award


Congratulations! Your site definitely qualifies for the Silver Sinapsis Award for an Intellectual Attitude. Please find enclosed your personalized award.  I really enjoyed the opportunity of reviewing your site. You may provide a link back if you wish too, (It is NOT a requirement). Thanks, and congratulations again, Alberto.

Award Program Closed

Award Program Name and Graphic

Shorty Award of Excellence
Date Received: 01/02 (mm/yy)

Shorty Award of Excellence


The first time we've visited your page, we were not very impressed of it. But the first impression of a page is mostly not the best. We were very happy about the extensive site update. You've done a very good job - and we hope that you will go on with this way. The design of you page is very nice and it shows that you like to work on the site. Best wishes for the future. Kurz Michael

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