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personal - HALF-MARATHON TRAINING 2007-8

First page of three of Marathon training informationSecond page of three of Marathon training informationThird page of three of Marathon training informationTraining for Stafford Half Marathon 2008

Picture of me running at the Wheaton Aston 2007 10K race

I must be a 100 percent unadulterated dope! Why? Because I am training again for yet another half marathon. Why am i bothering i ask myself. I'm not an Olympic athlete! I don't do it for money! I never come anywhere significant in races and I don't even want to get up to train most mornings. So why on God's green earth am I putting myself through this again?

I guess the simple answer is that it's for the challenge. I want to push myself to see how far and how fast I can go. And that feeling of utter exhilaration that I get when i cross the finish line - irrespective of time - is hard to beat. I guess the simpler answer is " for the buzz man...for the buzz. "

Anyway, I've decided to put some proper training in and see if I can break the 2 hour barrier that constantly eluded me. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know you've heard it all before. But this time it's going to be different. No, Honest.

- The information below relates to my own training program. This is not a recommended training program for you guys out there. Get ye own that suits your own needs.

Just look down

The words 'Just Look Down' are the immortal words uttered by John Burdett, my erstwhile running buddy. He's given the advice on a number of occasions. What he was suggesting was that by looking at the ground and not at the horizon it was easier to run. The last time I followed his advice however I missed a drinks station on a baking hot day and suffered for it!

Ok to be fair, I did take the advice on my last 10k race and it seemed to help. It can be soul destroying to look at the long stretch ahead of you or to look at what is a seemly endless rise up a hill.

So Johnny Boy. - I'll be taking that advice.

Pictures from 2007 Wheaton Aston 10K run

Intended Training Plan

I have listed details of my intended, and actual training in a WORD document attached below:

Click this graphic to view the 2007/8 training program

First page of three of Marathon training information Second page of three of Marathon training informationThird page of three of Marathon training informationTraining for Stafford Half Marathon 2008

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