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personal - GemStone IV interview with FRORIN

Interview with Frorin

Interview held on Day of the Huntress, day 8 of the month Lormesta in the year 5110.


1: What is your name (required) and training level (not essential)

Frorin Felagun, Forgemaster ahv deh fourty second degree an devoted follerer ahv Eonak, at yur service.

2: How long have you wandered the lands?

I been wanderin bout fer 120 years or so now, I'm not too sure bout mah parents, but deh dwarf I consider mah da comes from a dwarven outpost known as Mithgrek, Named after Rhorkee Hammerfyst Mithgrek, ah Hero of deh war at Maelshyve. Kilkur Felagun wos his name he wos ah Forgemaster there. In his prime Kilkur wos the best of all the Mithgrek Clan, His weapons were sout out by travelers an adventures from far an wide.

Any hoot Kilkur was outside deh stronghold one day helpin with some wounded dat come back from a run in wit ah grimswarm troll tribe, when he happend tah overhear dis young dwarf pleadin with those bearin em, tah go out after ah hearthgaurd named Farana whom he wos fearful had been left ahide where he hid here when deh trolls started attackin.

Kilkur stayed wit deh soldier until he drifted off tah Eonaks forge, an gave his word he'd go out after Farana. Problem wos deh Clan leader in Mithgrek reminded Kilkur dat he'd taken on two apprentices an had no place runnin off. He forbade Kilkur tah leave, an Kilkur told em with all sadness in his eyes dat he'd given his word. Deh clan leader say'd tah em so be it, yeh leave these gates against my word an yeh won't be welcome back. He turned his back on Kilkur as the other clansmen pushed and shoved him out into deh daylight.

Kilkur now an outcast proceded on deh route described by deh soldier tah deh ruins he'd hidden the Hearthtender an her charge in. He located em a couple days by foot on the western slope of the Dragonspine mountains. At the end of his journey he was met by a somber sight, his heart filled with dispare as he looked on the dwarves dead surrounding the batterd gates. Suddenly his ear caught the faint sounds of whimpering, and the clash of weaponry in the distance.

As he rushed toward the sounds the all too familar garble of troll togue echoed through the sounds of battle. He drew his hammer an rushed the first troll he aproached, he was a massive sort an he sundered Kilkur's shield and shattered his arm with a huge stalagmite. Kilkur wasn't payin no mind tah his wound doh, his weapon came down wit skill crushing deh skull of deh largest in deh lot, deh troll's warleader was dead. Filled with confusion deh sight of there leader lay dead deh others trolls quickly retreated, leaving behind two young children, an infant, an ah wound hearthgaurd Farana.

Kilkur tried his best but he didn't have enough skill nor magic tah heal her wounds. With her last moments drawing near Farana listened tah Kilkur's tale of deh soldier and his wishes and finally his fate. Farana cried out as deh news reached her ears, her desire tah live slipping from her she secured Kilkur's promise tah watch after deh orphaned children. When he did so she joined that namless soldier, her soul away. Kilkur watched in silence as deh children placed brilliant gems, and colorful stones throughout Farana's, stone mound. At deh head of deh mound Kilkur planted deh soldiers battle-axe an set his helm atop it. Deh lovers joined at last witin deh final stronghold.

With new purpose in life Kilkur promptly became in essence a novice hearthtender, having most dificulty with deh infant. deh Girl Gimona helped with this task some bit having seen her hearthmother care fer her. Dwazor deh young boy was a handful always wandering off exploring. As time drew tah name deh infant, Kilkur raised him aloft at deh outpost's recked shrine proclaiming Frorin! And so they all took deh family name of Kilkur fer respect of there new gaurdian.

Five years passed and deh two older children came of age and having trained in deh ways of Forging under Kilkur's tutalidge left deh ruins full of horid memories tah venture off on thier own. Gimona now a fine weaponsmith headed fer Mithgrek tah aplly her skills, and Dwazor just wandered off with a brief farewell, no word from em since.

Kilkur packed up too, and set out tah travle abroad wanting tah leave his past within deh Dragonspine Mountains. Once out of familar territory Kilkur began doubting his abilities tah provide deh care I needed in deh wilds, so he ventured closer tah foriegn civilization. deh first place we happened apon was deh gates of a town just west of deh valley past Mithgrek, a place called Talador.

Talador wasn't what Kilkur had expected, he thought we we're going tah a dwarven minin outfit. It seemed that over deh years deh silver mine was played out and deh human empire had taken hold dehre. Word of comming war was heavy in deh air, as deh Barony of Jantalar was said tah be planning an attack. Wanting tah raise silvers tah pay our way, Kilkur made use ahv his good arm even with jest one arm he could still craft sum deh finest tools ah grinders ever touched.

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5 years passed and deh result was deh victory of Jantalar over deh barony of Talador, Kilkur being a dwarf was enslaved in deh mines of Talador. I was left on me own still just a young man. Without silvers an little contact wit me mentor, I kept hiden within deh garbage pits and slums, adapting tah my new environment. I began using deh cover of night tah loot grociers and inn kitchens tah stay alive, honing my hiding abilaties, and reflexes. An every night I watched from deh shadows as deh dead where hauled from deh mines hoping tah alas find an end tah Kilkur's fate.

Night by night I was left wondering, this I endured for five long years. Then one night some unsettling news caught my ear, patrons in a shifty tavern where I hid amounst deh low lighting and dark corners brought rumor of somber news. deh said how Lerep had collapsed deh mine head sealing deh fate of all those within. My heart pounded in my ears as my thoughts drew toward my childhood with Kilkur.

Full of dispare an drained of hope, I left Talador under deh cover of darkness. I follered deh riverbank for what seemed like months and at an end I found myself, standing at deh far end of a cool, shady alleyway. where hint of a breeze, a pale light and deh shouts of excited townsfolk and intrepid adventurers beckoned me towards deh main thoroughfare.

Dat was bout fifteen years ago tahday. I first set my sights on Deh Bortham Clans success an lived on Teras fer ah long while, sort ahv ah legend in dem parts yeh might say. But since den I've left deh skills ahv bein a rougish boxsmith behind an took up deh warrior way when I learned ahv deh silver gryphons. I joined dere ranks. It wos deh only way I could pass deh initiation wos tah be ah warrior. We've been through ah lot together. Some of deh finest warriors in all deh lands. We assisted in the defeat of ole Lerep an dem nasty mandis crystals, wit deh help of Sir Maldon an Baron Malwind o' solhanven.

3: What hunting style do you opt for?

I like usin a nice solid crusher an shield, jest like Kilkur taught me. I happen tah own ah Holy golvern water sprinkler by deh name o' "Eonak's Fury" in deh dwarven tongue. It's been touched by deh forgemaster tah permanantly strike down spectrals an hold ah powerful magic equal tah an enchantment o' deh wizard ahv deh tenth rank. Way I do it Is grunt real menacingly at em like an look real mean, soon as deh try tah hit me, I give it everythin I got and go fer deh left leg. Den I play like dere head is ah slab of mithril on an anvil and forge troll snot outta it.

4: What percentage of your time do you spend hunting? How do you spend your other time?.

I used tah spend all mah time in deh forges, once deh Hochstib war wos don wit. I saw lotta good folk die an get mistreated an I jest wanted tah seclude mayself an get closer tah deh Lord Eonak an find mah roots. In doin so I moved back intah deh Dragonspine an spent some mah silvers on ah cozy house near a lil fishin pond in Glarstim Cavern.

I mastered deh forging of crushers, large an small, an oppened up deh Zul Logoth Minin Supply Store ove in deh Opal tunnel (its ah joke cause I only sell combat gear, ah play on deh fact all deh good veins are overrun wit critters dere). I usually spend a few hours ah day helpin tah keep deh numbers down but I don't really learn much from dem no more. Nowday since deh First Legion of Khazar been called back up tah fight deh grimswarm I rejoined mah kin seein how I hate snot trolls, orc snot, an giants jest remind me ahv snooty elves with more brains. So I go off from time tah time an make Sure no warcamps a've been hidden by way of Khazar's Hold nor Zhindel's Post. If I find a warcamp close tah dwarven territory I raze it. It's ah bit of ah challenge seeins how its five hundred of dem tah one dwarf, but sometimes I lay down tah give em better odds. I'm jest bidin my time till I get my minin permit, I filled out all 73 forms fer mah claim an submitted em tah Griva's office in deh Grey Miner Clan Headquarters. Once I get dat I'll prolly spend more my time Minin.

5: What is and/or was your most enjoyable hunting area and why?

Most enjoyable place fer me tah crush some skulz is deh caves of Zul Logoth, I still get lost in deh troll bariul grounds to dis day itd like ah maze in dere, I get ah giggle outta switchin out deh stones deh Krynches worship wit flowers over in Mraent, I like tah sip ah cold Logoth Lager from deh bluerock an watch deh Gruntik bow down all holy like tah dem roa'ter wormlins in deh Zaerthu tunnels, an I like tah run round in circles over in Czeroth down tah deh acid pool where I empty out deh trash and deh sweepers satchel every once in a while. Besides deh fun I have in dere, each place along wit Zul Logoth tells ah story dat unfolds as yeh venture about. Some sad, some egnigmatical, and sum jest dang funny.

6: What do you enjoy most about your time in the lands?

My friends in deh order, Zul Logoth, an discoverin new things. Wich happens a lot when I get too far out toward Ta'Valalelfland since I don't care much to go there cept to buy dat soft vellum privy paper deh sellin tah visitors of deh tower. Most resently I stummbled on Beth out at deh sky eye jest north o' Ta'Ilelfland an shed ah little tear fer her. I tried tah find her da's notes an help restore her but no luck.

7: Is there anyone within the lands that you admire? (Any profession) Who and why?

I admire anyone I've had a laugh with, Drug deaded from somewhars, been drug deaded by from somewhars, deh rogues who used tha pick me dry den give me mah coins back. Deh warriors who lectured me on largesse an chivilry, deh wizards who enchanted mah gear till it was glowin, deh empaths n' clerics who always healed me an rescued me from afar when no one else wos around, an who raised me up on account dem deeds I been favored wit by Eonak. Deh giant'kin who thought they could outdrink yours truely an provided ah soft landin fer me when I did take my fill on account they wos already on deh floor. I don't much care for sorcerers but i respect deh fact dat deh ken turn my insides out an blow mah arms an legs off makin me like ah beareded rock. Don't much care for deh elves with eyes in their nostrils I liked ole Snuffy well enough tho, we new each other for his dropped gave me ah first class tour of deh dehnaritarium when it opened up. An ah got respect fer dem haveners deh really pull tah gether, cept I think deh need tah drink more ale an loosin up some. I ken keep goin wit dis ferever we best move on tah deh next question..

8: What has been your best moment in the lands so far?

All ahv em, none really stand out, each day jest ads tah wot I consider mah favorite moment... If I had tah pick deh one ting dat stands out in mah mind doh It would have tah be deh time I wos sittin wit a bunch o' folk anticipatin deh arrival of a travelin merchant in his tent out by deh south wharf. I was cleanin folks weapons an armor up fer em an Eonak musta been watchin over cause he started tah work through me an every thing I touched changed on account of wot I was doin to it. There wos also deh time when I made mah first perfect forgin hammer an got ah Holy o' Holies tah bless it, den Eonak shows up real proud o' me like an put his mark on mah forgin hammer den says to me "Now get back tah work!" An most recently when I wos told by some Lornonite rabblerouser that one his Liabo Brethren had a vision of me prayin in deh forgemasters temple an tol me I needed to fulfill dis vision so I did not wantin fire n' brimzstone an deh like. So I'm sittin dere prayin an at mah feet appears ah heavy golden eonake athame set with a single onyx anvil on the hilt which reads "Frorin, Faithful o' Eonak". Next Favorite moment will be when yours truly gets his minin permit.

9: What has been your worst moment in the lands so far?

Back in my rogue days I done some stuff I wasn't too pround ah, but I learned a lesson from it each time an am ah better dwarf for it.

10: What advice would you give to a new warrior?

Remember dat ah lotta deh fancy combat maneuvers ken be learnt in deh guild, don't try an spread yourself thin by tryin tah learn how tah swing everything with ah point on it, stick tah one weapon yeh comfortable with, an if yah go huntin after yeh were in deh forge don't ferget tah put your armor back on. Craftin aprons are't no good as plate.

11: If you had to do it all again, knowing what you now know, would you do anything differently?

I wouldnt' ah died at Deavons n' Erricks weddin dats fer sure, an a sure as hell wouldn't ahv challenged Vurk in ah duel.

12: Is there anything you want to add to this interview?

Visit Zul Logoth an see our new rock garden, buy your weapons while yur hear got ah lotta smith tallent up dis way, an bob takes donations! Thats about it an all.

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