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personal - GemStone IV Family Issues

Over the years I have been to so many weddings, festivals and other gatherings that have been no more than a footnote in my diaries.

I have decided to record these events from this time forward so that there is a formal record for posterity. When memory fails, the written word will prevail! On occasion, I will record my own feelings ( i.e. those of Bremerial's alter ego) along with Bremerial's own thoughts.

NB: OOC - Any logs included will be published using notepad which should make the information accessible to most.


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -

River's Rest Pickle Festival 5115 Banner


Picture of a pickle

Poetry with a bit of vim and Vinegar!

[River's Rest, Festival Grounds]
Ending abruptly, the pathway spills into a patch of well-kept grass that leads right up to the riverbank, where a platform supported by massive pillars stretches over the water. A variety of picnic tables are strewn across the grass, while one central table, a large buffet, occupies the platform. Also here: Aubriella, Liette, Kaldonis, Astru, Fyonn, Bremerial, Rosilina, Dreuna, Mmoopha, Raelor

Smuggler Druena just arrived.

Druena exclaims, "Hello and hello again!"

Rosilina just arrived.
Rosilina waves to Druena.

Rosilina says, "Almost everyone's here."

GameMaster Liia just arrived.
Liia gazes in amusement at her surroundings.

Rosilina asks, "Alright, I have: Aubriella, Fyonn, Arioch, Astru, Queti, Kayse, Bremerial, and Lyzzi. Did I miss anyone?"

Kaldonis raises his hand.

Rosilina asks, "And Kaldonis. Anyone else?"

Rosilina exclaims, "Alright, then!"

Rosilina says, "If everyone could take a seat and quiet down, we'll get started."

Poem #1 - Aubriella

Rosilina recites:

"First we have Aubriella."

Aubriella says, "My poem is about the origin of the grilled pickled peaches."

Aubriella folds her hands in her lap.

Aubriella recites:

"From Isle to Isle this dwarf did travel
Sampling food and seeking to be dazzled
Though native to Teras and partial to heat
Somehow desserts just couldn't be beat"

Aubriella recites:

"On Mist Harbor she found delicious fruits from afar
Succulent and tasty, both sweet and sour
In Icemule, despite the shivering cold
The locals said ice cream is a wonder to behold"

Aubriella recites:

"Wandering further to the new River's Rest
She pondered about a food that would be blessed
Inspired by flavors just beyond local reach
She struck upon the grilled pickled peach"

Aubriella recites:

"Enhanced by ice cream and tradition on hand
She combined the flavors and fruits of the land
When the search was just about considered done
She decided the pickled dessert is just the one"

Poem #2 - Fyonn

Rosilina recites:

"Next, we have Fyonn."

Fyonn takes a deep breath.

Fyonn recites:

"In the beginning they were just youths,
You could say they were naive.
In love perfect, with no blemish,
In this they still believed."

Fyonn recites:

"In his dreams he had always hoped
To find the girl who did excite
She'd be a sweet little gherkin by day
And a spicy pickled pepper by night"

Fyonn recites:

"Meanwhile she had been hoping too
For a man with a little special oomph.
She wanted can I say it?
A man gifted with a giant moomph"

Fyonn recites:

"In Aeia's garden they were soon wed
And to each other bound for life.
But did they know what they had done
When they became husband and wife?"

Fyonn recites:

"Did she know he breath would smell of garlic dill
When she stood in the wedding bower?
Did he know that there would be times they'd fight
And her mood would go half-sour?"

Fyonn recites:

"Why even ask, of course they didn't,
Their minds blinded with their youth.
But that didn't mean their love diminished
When they learned about the truth."
Fyonn recites:

"The lessons here are two,
Take them now to heart
First: true love is many-flavored
With the sweet will come the tart"

Fyonn recites:

"But is that such an awful thought
In your head now to be storing?
Wouldn't a pickle dish with a single taste
In time grow to be quite boring?"

Fyonn recites:

"The second they didn't realize
'til they reached life's final stage
But true love, much like a pickle
Only tastes better, the more its aged"

Poem #3 - Arioch
Rosilina recites:

"Next, we have Arioch."

Arioch recites deeply to his Moomph dill pickle:

"Pickles, that I see, both sweet and salty,
You are so tasty and fill me with glee!
Listen to my plea, you know I love thee!"

Arioch recites deeply to his Moomph dill pickle:

"You're good for a snack, alone, or a stack.
I'd eat a whole pack, like a maniac!
You make my lips smack, there's nothing you lack!"

Arioch recites deeply to his Moomph dill pickle:

"I've come to the Fest, here in River's Rest.
To say you're the best and so full of zest!
Oh, pickles, you're blessed, my love, I've confessed."

Poem #4 - Astru

Rosilina says, "Let's see."

Rosilina recites:

"Next, we have Astru."

Astru recites softly:

"Pick the cucumber from the vine
It must be ready, in its prime.
Clean it off and put it in the brine.
Keep the jar somewhere safe and sound
Leave if there for months at a time.
Eat it and enjoy the crunchy sound!"

Poem #5 - Queti

Rosilina recites:

"Next, we have Queti."

Queti recites dramatically:

"There's a living legend 'round here,
Of the handsomest man who has absolutely no fear.
Who will dive fiercely into any vat full of brine,
And inhale the salt without a single complaint or a whine.

And they call him:"

Queti excitedly answers, "Brine Diver Q!"

Queti recites confidentially:

"He's not quite as tall as you might expect.
He fits inside the pickle vat nicely in fact.
Once he's under the brine's surface the game is all over,
Because he has more luck than a four leaf-ed clover.

The spiciest pickled pepper picker:"

Queti points at you!
In a perfect imitation of you, from right behind you, Queti's voice exclaims, "Brine Diver Q!"

Queti recites expressly:

"He dives with the beauty and grace of a swan,
That even makes old Granny Plonk herself fawn.
His technique always tends to leave her quite wet,
Because after hopping out of the vat he shakes to reset.

The sweetest of gherkins:"

Fyonn asks, "Brine Diver Q?"

Queti recites dreamily:

"Pickles and peppers and gherkins galore,
All pulled from the brine by this omnivore.
And even the silver and gold have been caught,
In amounts that can be accurately labelled a lot.

That gold pickle alchemist:"

In a perfect imitation of Rosilina, from behind Rosilina, Queti's voice exclaims, "Brine Diver Q!"
Snacky yells, "Brine Diver Q!"
You say, "Brine Diver Q."
Rosilina snickers.

Queti recites confidently:

"And so if you see him coming just stand back,
And pray that his stomach only demands a snack.
Because if he wants them all then that's what he'll get,
And you'll have to wait for a refill from the Granny that's wet.

Because of this Moomph pickle snatcher:"

. Lyzzi says, "Brine Diver Q."
Kayse yells, "Brine Diver Q!"
Rosilina snickers.
You say, "Brine Diver Q."
Snacky yells, "Brine Diver Q!"

Queti recites:

"The end.
By QT."

Poem #6 - Kayse

Rosilina recites:

"Next, we have Kayse."

(Kayse walks up to the front of the buffet, then turns around to face the audience, a nervous smile on her face.)

Kayse recites fondly:

"One food that I really seem to dig,
Isn't an apple, cookie, or fig.
But something crunchy, salty, or sweet,
The pickle is by far my favorite treat."

Kayse recites thoughtfully:

"Now years ago when pickles first came to River's Rest,
There was some debate as to what was best.
Was it the vinegary, sweet, and tangy pickle?
Or the crisp bite of dill that made your tongue tickle?"

(Kayse glances between the two pickles in her hands and grins before a look of a confusion suddenly sets over her face.)

Kayse recites confusedly:

"You would think us Rester's wouldn't debate,
Over something that didn't have much weight.
But believe it or not, there was a mini war.
Sweet or dill? What was your preference? You couldn't ignore."

(Kayse drags the toe of her boot through the dirt and draws a line front of her. She gazes out at the audience while pacing up and down the line, making eye contact with each individual as she does.)

Kayse recites vaguely:

"A line in the sand was drawn, a town divided
No one really understood why it was becoming sided.
The fleet captain tried to reason but he soon decided,
That the garlic snap of a dill was the side he confided."

Kayse recites desperately:

"Fluffy liked sweet and Snuffy liked dill,
But no one could agree what really fit the bill.
Abneezer figured he needed to do something.
Pickles weren't for battle--they were for munching!"

Kayse recites surprisedly:

"He entered the commons and couldn't believe his eyes!
Punches were being thrown, pickles launched through the sky!"

Kayse ducks quickly and puts her hands over her head. She looks around cautiously before slowly continuing.

"Alanna clenched a spear and waved it angrily at an adventurer
Everyone was involved in this spat, even the BHA Treasurer!"

Kayse shakes her head, clucking her tongue.

Kayse recites confidently:

"Standing on a bench, Abneezer cleared his throat,
Taking a deep breath, he said, and I quote-
"Can we all agree that pickles are anything but ordinary?
To make them requires talent and true visionary!"

Kayse recites happily:

"Let us put aside our differences," he said through tears of joy,
"Whether sweet or dill is your favorite, can't we all just enjoy?"
One more pickle was thrown, before the citizens stopped their debate
Everyone suddenly inspired by the picklesmith's words of late."

Kayse recites smugly:

"From then on the town agreed, that any pickle was the best
And that no matter what the flavor, it deserved to have a fest.
So I stand here reaccounting this poem passed on to me,
About how the River's Rest Pickle Fest kind of came to be."

Kayse bows.

Poem #7 - Bremerial Rosilina recites:

"Next, we have Bremerial."

You recite:

"If you've savored the pickle that Grammy Plonk makes
Then you'll know the pure joy that it brings
With delicate succulence, from first bite to last
Just one crunch and your whole palate sings"

You recite:

"But not all the picklesmiths in River's Rest
Revel freely in Grammy Plonk's skill
Some have talent abundent but just cannot match
The perfection that's Old Grammy's dill"

You recite:

"One such picklesmith, whose name I will not recount
Apprenticed his son in her care
"To learn from the best " were his words to Old Plonk"
In fact was to spy on her there!."

You recite:

"His son was commanded to learn all the secrets
That Old Grammy Plonk did employ
"You will find out" he whispered "of her secret ingredient
That makes her dill pickle a joy""

You recite:

"So the boy worked with Grammy Plonk watching her actions
And recording it all in a tome
A month passed, then two and the boy's guilt it grew
As he worked in this old mentor's home"

You recite:

"At last came the day for the boy to return
And he did so with sadness of heart
For he knew he'd betrayed old Grammy Plonks trust
With the knowledge he would now impart."

You recite:

"His father read eagerly all that was written
Eyes wide with an expectant air
After one hour of reading he furrowed his brow
"Stupid Boy! There is no secret there!""

You recite:

""Tell me ALL that she does, and miss NOTHING out
For your tome is no doubt incomplete.
There must be some herb or some spice you've not mentioned
That makes her dill pickles so sweet ""

You recite:

"The boy shook his head "I've recounted it all
I promise that's all that I know
She tends to the soil with great care and attention
And from that soil, cucumbers grow"

You recite:

"She uses a small pinch of pepper and salt
And ensures on plump produce they're tossed
She takes pride in selecting to best cider vinegar
seals the jars so no flavor is lost."

You recite:

""Is that it?" growled his father. "You've missed something out"
And he raged at his son, fist in air.
His son stood his ground, raised a defiant chin
Matched the gaze of the man, stare for stare."

You recite:

""Don't you see" cried the son " it's not herbs, its not spices"
That makes her dill both sharp and sweet
Its the care that she takes in the task that does
That makes all her produce complete"

You recite:

"It's the nurture and tenderness at every stage
That you'll find is the integral part!
Her dill is the product of her pure devotion
And the love that comes straight from her heart!"

You recite:

"So to all here assembled, the message is clear
Please absorb as you rest in your seat.
When you crunch on Dill pickle from Old Grammy Plonk
Its not pickle but her love that you eat."

Rosilina exclaims, "A lovely tribute!"

Astru softly says, "Though I think it's the lint, really."

You exclaim, "When you're sucking on your dill, your sucking on a part of Grammy - remember that!"

Arioch looks over at you and shakes his head.

Astru giggles at you.
Kayse blinks at you.

Arioch deeply says, "That's just wrong."

Demyse grins.
Arioch chuckles.

Speaking to you, Rosilina says, "That was just disturbing."

Kaldonis looks at you and gags.

You giggle.

Poem #8 - Lyzzi

Rosilina recites:

"Next, we have Lyzzi!"

Lyzzi says, "The humble cucumber."

Lyzzi recites:

"Is it just me that finds,
Pickled cucumber funny
Its the shape that's suggestive I feel.
Sure the taste may be fine
When in vinegar or brine
But the shape has a saucy appeal."

Lyzzi recites:

"I find it quite hard
Taking picklesmiths seriously
When they brandish one up in the air
And say words like
"this ones's a right little beauty
Got a SNAP and and CRUNCH
Nibble there!""

Lyzzi recites:

"I do find it hard
To stifle a 'gafaw'
When that cucumber's lovingly caressed.
And when a 'smith talks of size
With pure love in his eyes
Its impossible for my laugh to surpress."

Rosilina folds her arms over her chest.

Lyzzi recites:

"I don't find this mirth
In an egg or a beet
Or in strawberries or mushrooms or fish
I can look at most pickles
Without any amusement
The same as I would any dish"

Lyzzi recites:

"I've seen big pickled turnips
And none made me smile
No not one! Although I do admit
When a picklesmith speaks
Of his big pickled sausage
That I secretly titter a bit."

Lyzzi recites:

"So my sincere apologies
To all picklesmiths
If I giggle, please don't be misled
I'm not lauging at pickling
Or your wonderful skill
Just the image I get in my head."

Rosilina says, "As a picklesmith, I'm not sure how I feel about that one."

Lyzzi exclaims, "C'mon now - cucumbers are funny!"

Rosilina appears to be ignoring everything going on around her.

Rosilina says, "I suppose it was alright."

Rosilina sniffs.

Poem #9 - Kaldonis Rosilina recites:

"And our last poet, Kaldonis."

Kaldonis squints at a sheaf of battered papers.
Kaldonis clears his throat.
Kaldonis recites inquisitively:

"What to preserve,
If you have the right nerve?
Anything organic,
Even if you're quite manic."

Kaldonis recites seriously:

"The picklesmith amassed
All he needed quite fast.
A barrel of brine,
That'll do just fine!"

Kaldonis recites warmly:

"Pickling a heart,
Seemed like a great start.
He'd already done liver,
Causing his servants to quiver."

Kaldonis recites squeakily:

"'Those lovers in the Rest,
They should be my next test!
For preserving it alive,
Is just my main jive.' "

Kaldonis recites smarmily:

"Some moonflower blossoms,
The tail of an opossum.
Some blood from a troll:
This'll satisfy my goal!"

Kaldonis recites truthfully:

"All gathered to the Keep,
He was killed in his sleep!
Matured just one century
Well...that's my entry."

The Results

Rosilina exclaims, "Alright!"

Rosilina says, "It was difficult, but we have reached a decision."

Rosilina exclaims, "In third place, we have Kayse!"

Rosilina says, "In second place, we have Fyonn."

Rosilina exclaims, "And in first place, we have Brine Diver Q!"

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