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personal - GemStone IV Family Issues

Over the years I have been to so many weddings, festivals and other gatherings that have been no more than a footnote in my diaries.

I have decided to record these events from this time forward so that there is a formal record for posterity. When memory fails, the written word will prevail! On occasion, I will record my own feelings ( i.e. those of Bremerial's alter ego) along with Bremerial's own thoughts.

NB: OOC - Any logs included will be published using notepad which should make the information accessible to most.


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -

River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 Banner


Picture of a pickle

Poetry Contest

[River's Rest, Festival Grounds - 4]
Ending abruptly, the pathway spills into a patch of well-kept grass that leads right up to the riverbank, where a platform supported by massive pillars stretches over the water. A variety of picnic tables are strewn across the grass, while one central table, a large buffet, occupies the platform. You also see the Kirryk disk.
Also here: Queti, Rosilina, Oriehn, Lady Lyzzi who is sitting, Kirryk who is sitting, Bansh who is sitting, Aubriella, Katness, Sefina
Obvious paths: northwest

Speaking to you, Bansh exclaims, "I hope you came prepared for some serious competition today!"

Bansh grins.
You cackle at Bansh.

Kirryk says, "It won't be from me, that's for sure."

Speaking to you, Bansh exclaims, "I look forward to hearing your work!"

Bansh adopts an agreeable expression.

Speaking to Bansh, you say, "I love events like these."

Speaking to you, Bansh says, "As do I."

You say, "No poop today."

You nod slowly.
Kirryk giggles at you.

Kirryk exclaims, "That's good!"

Speaking to Kirryk, Bansh says, "I came fully prepared today. But should I lose then it will be because the competition was worth hearing."

Bansh adopts an agreeable expression.

Speaking to Kirryk, Bansh says, "So I win either way."

Bansh smiles.
Kirryk agrees with Bansh.
Rosilina says, "While we're waiting for the other judges to arrive, let me get a count of who wants to participate."

Lyzzi raises her hand.
Bordaline shuffles her feet.
Bansh raises his hand.
You raise your hand.

Bansh exclaims, "Excellent. A good turnout for participants this year!"

Rosilina grins.

Rosilina says, "Alright, I have Lyzzi, Oriehn, Bansh, and Bremerial."

Rosilina asks, "Anyone else?"

Farain wanders in.

Rosilina exclaims, "And it's our other judge!"

Rosilina waves to Farain.

Rosilina says, "Welcome, welcome."

Farain exclaims, "Good day, everyone!"

Bordaline recites:

"I came for some fun, out here in the sun.
I wonder, just who will win?
Good or bad, the poems we'll have,
Hurry up, and let us begin!"

You grin at Bordaline.
Bordaline claps her hands.
Rosilina begins chuckling at Bordaline!
Bordaline walks towards Rosilina.
Rosilina applauds Bordaline.
Queti turns to Bordaline and cheers!
You applaud Bordaline.
Bordaline curtsies.

Farain says, "I hope everyone is having a pickletastic time."

You say, "Although with the amount of ale I drink I can honestly say i was pickled before the festival started."

Kirryk starts chuckling at you!
Rosilina starts chuckling at you!
Farain grins at you.
You chuckle
Speaking to you, Bansh asks, "Its a year long event for you is it?"

You chuckle at Bansh.

Rosilina exclaims, "I guess we should get started, then!"

Rosilina says, "Let's give it another minute or two just to see if any stragglers are about."

Speaking to Farain, Rosilina says, "You should try the strawberries."

Speaking to Farain, Rosilina says, "They were the winner of our recipe contest yesterday."

Speaking to Farain, Rosilina says, "It's good! I promise."

Bordaline exclaims, "Oooo... recipes!"

Bordaline sadly says, "I missed it this year."

Bordaline sighs.

Speaking to Bordaline, Rosilina says, "Luckily for you, the foods are all still here."

Rlen says, "Lucky is debatable, depending upon which you choose to sample."

Bordaline ponders.
Rosilina points at a large buffet.

Speaking to Rosilina, you ask, "Before ye go at the end, could I buy last year's cook book from ye please?"

Speaking to you, Rosilina says, "Of course."

Speaking to Rosilina, Bansh exclaims, "Definitely one of the draws for this event. Free food all week!"

Rosilina exclaims, "Alright, then. Let's get started!"

POEM 1: - Lyzzi’s Poem

Speaking to Lyzzi, Rosilina exclaims, "You're first!"

Lyzzi grins.
Lyzzi nods.
Lyzzi stands up.

Lyzzi says, "Ok."

Lyzzi recites:

"The Gherkin!"

Lyzzi chuckles.
Lyzzi casually glances around the area.
Lyzzi clears her throat.
Lyzzi nods.

Rosilina says, "A lovely ode."

Rosilina nods.

Lyzzi recites:

"Oh gherkin!
Sharp pungent flavor
Invades my tastebuds with the fury of Krolvin
Teasing at first
'til that first burst of acidity
Cuts through me like a knife"

Lyzzi recites:

"I shiver!
Joy personified as all senses are heightened
Aroma filling my nostrils
Attacking my brain
With exquisit pain
Comparable to consuming ice too fast."

Lyzzi recites:

"That delicate *scrunch*
As my teeth dig into flesh
The texture smooth and then fibrous
Slipping down like peaches in summer"

Lyzzi recites:

"Then horror!
As all too soon my joy has ended
The last piece is consumed
I reach for the opaque jar
Removing lid with shaking hand
And smile knowingly"

Lyzzi recites:

"A visual feast for desperate eye
More gherkins wait within
Wallowing in the amber nectar
Another smile released
And joy begins again"

Lyzzi sits down.
{applause follows)

Bansh exclaims, "Very entertaining!"

Farain exclaims, "The Gherkin!"

Lyzzi giggles.
Lyzzi lets out a cheer!

Rosilina exclaims, "That sounds like quite the pickle!"

Rosilina nods at Lyzzi.
Bordaline starts chortling.
Bansh adopts an agreeable expression.
You wink at Lyzzi.

Speaking to Bordaline, Rosilina says, "It's obviously from our shop."

Rosilina winks at Bordaline.
Bordaline grins at Rosilina.
Lyzzi cackles!

Rosilina exclaims, "Well done!"

POEM 2: - Oriehn’s Poem

Speaking to Oriehn, Rosilina exclaims, "It's your turn!"

Oriehn asks, "Oh?"

Oriehn nods.
Rosilina nods at Oriehn.
Bordaline turns an inquisitive ear toward Oriehn.

Oriehn announces, "I will now be sharing a poem titled, "The Perfect Pickle."

Oriehn recites grandiosely:

"There was a handsome, young prince of a powerful Empire,
Who had a supreme fondness for artisan crafted sandwiches.
So when he caught wind of the legend of the Perfect Pickle,
He immediately sent his knights out on a quest to retrieve it."

Oriehn recites expectantly:

"Many nights passed before the first knight returned,
Brandishing a jar of sweet, tangy pickles from the Far East.
The pickles complimented any meat they were paired with,
But the Prince didn't quite find the taste to his liking."

Oriehn recites dramatically:

"The second shining knight returned a few nights later,
His packs loaded with vibrant green gherkins from the North.
The prince bit into one with a loud, refreshing snap,
But declared soon after that it wasn't his ideal taste."

Oriehn recites hopefully:

"The prince didn't have much time to be disappointed,
Because his favorite knight returned with some dill pickles,
That had been made by a vigorous Granny who knew how to treat a pickle.
They lasted a week on his sandwiches before he turned them down."

Kirryk giggles.
Rosilina looks thoughtfully at Oriehn.

Oriehn recites laboriously:

"The remaining knights soon began to flood back into the castle,
With pickles of all colors, sizes, shapes, and flavors.
The prince carefully paired each with an expertly made sandwich,
And with each bite his hope of tasting the perfect pickle diminished."

Bansh grins.

Oriehn recites comically:

"Finally almost all of his knights had brought him back a sample,
Even his dumbest knight who had carried a struggling gnome on his shoulder,
Who was so good at bobbing for pickles that he was called the Pickled Gnome.
The last hope was the wisest knight, who hadn't even left the castle."

You furrow up your face and wince.
Kirryk giggles to herself.
You smirk.
Bansh ponders.
Rosilina blinks.

Oriehn recites surprisedly:

"When the prince went to confront his knight for abandoning her quest,
The knight pulled out a clear jar full of long pickles swimming in brine.
Somehow the prince knew that these were his legendary pickles.
He snatched the jar from the knight and sprinted to the kitchen."

Oriehn recites cautiously:

"Compared to the other pickles he'd tried, these were a tad garlicky.
There were other pickles with much more crispness to their bite,
And flavors that were unique and worthy of being eaten alone.
But for some strange reason, these pickles were Perfect to the prince."

You grin at Bansh.

Speaking quietly to Bordaline, Rosilina says, "Pickle of legend."

Oriehn recites slyly:

"The knight entered the kitchen after the prince's third sandwich.
"These pickles are specially made by the retired kitchen head cook.
They were the ones that started you on your sandwich journey,
And I knew they were what you were craving when you started the quest."

Oriehn recites serenely:

"And so the prince came to realize that it was only his perception,
That was affecting what his tongue identified as perfection.
And the final lesson that we can draw from this short fable, Is that the Perfect Pickle may already be sitting on your kitchen table."

Gweneivia just arrived.
Gweneivia frowns.
{applause follows}
Rosilina turns to Oriehn and cheers!
You applaud Oriehn.

Rosilina exclaims, "A tale well spun!"

Katness exclaims, "That's quite a tale!"

Gweneivia softly exclaims, "Encore!"

Farain says, "A tale for princes and kings, no doubt."

Rosilina exclaims, "Very impressive!"

Bansh asks, "Did you bring samples from the kitchen to share?"

Rosilina says, "And a fine lesson for us all."

Rosilina says, "Happiness is no further than your LOCAL PICKLESMITHY."

You say, "The moral is if you have a good pickle you have a good knight."

Bordaline grins at you.
Kirryk starts chuckling at you!
Farain ducks his head.
Fyonn cackles!
Bansh chuckles.

Speaking to you, Rosilina says, "So true. I have many good nights with a proper pickle."

Rosilina appears to be trying hard not to grin.
You grin at Rosilina.
Kirryk coughs.
Farain gazes up into the heavens.
Kirryk appears to be trying hard not to grin.
Gweneivia starts chortling.

Fyonn says, "Especially if your pickle's got that little extra bit of Moomph."

Rosilina exclaims, "Midnight cravings, you know!"

Rosilina folds her arms over her chest.

Rosilina says, "I don't know what you all are thinking about."

Rosilina stares off into space.

Speaking to Rosilina, Bansh says, "I suspect we are thinking what you are thinking."

Rosilina nods quickly!
Bansh winks.

Rosilina quickly exclaims, "NEXT!"

POEM 3: - Bansh’s Poem

Speaking to Bansh, Rosilina exclaims, "It's your turn!"

Bansh stands up.

Bansh says, "For my entry this year I have decided to veer from my traditional limerick and present instead an appropriately themed loresong."
Bansh says, "And a prop."

You turn to Bansh and cheer!

Bansh sings:

"While experience makes the aged grow wise
The value of this tale, I can only surmise.
While taking a shortcut in the Landing one night
I chanced upon a most peculiar sight.
A comely young lass with alluring blue eyes
Holding a pickle between her thighs!"

Bansh sings:

"I coughed and turned as if to leave
But then her spell she began to weave.
A familiar wink, a knowing smile
Next thing I thought "I'll stay for awhile"
Grasping the pickle with purpose she swayed
My emotions to her like a lute that she played."

Kirryk coughs.
You grin.
You giggle.
Gweneivia blushes a nice shade of rosy pink.

Bansh sings:

"My vision grew dim, my senses were reeling
My very soul, her magic was stealing!
I lunged and lashed out in fear for my life
And with the luck of a bard struck her pickle with my knife.
I remember a scream, that much I discerned
Was it hers or mine? I haven't yet learned."

Bordaline snickers.
Bordaline clasps her hand over her mouth.

Bansh sings:

"I awoke in the dawn to a curious scent
Like some rotten fruit that had been left to ferment.
There was no trace of the woman except in my mind
As a long lost lover who at the end was unkind.

If nothing else from my story, learn one special skill
Avoid Landing's dark alleys like a giant dunghill.
And as for experience I can certainly claim
I'll never look at a pickle the same!"

You giggle.
Rosilina blinks.
Kirryk turns to Bansh and cheers!
Farain scratches his head.
Bordaline laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.
Bordaline shakes her head.

Speaking to Rosilina, Kirryk says, "He really was thinking the same thing you were."

{rapturous applause and chuckling}

Speaking to Rosilina, Bordaline exclaims, "Who'da thunk pickles could be the subject of some ... questionable poetry?!"

Kirryk giggles at Bordaline.

Bansh exclaims, "Imagine!"

Speaking to Rosilina, Bansh says, "Sometimes it’s best to simple nod and smile."

You say, "Sorry... did he say something after the bit about the pickle between the thighs..."

You grin at Bansh.

Speaking to you, Rosilina says, "I thought he did."

Rosilina says, "I'm flustered."

Rosilina's cheeks flush with a soft pale rose shade, darkening her freckles even more.

Rosilina exclaims, "NEXT!"

POEM 4: - Bremerial’s Poem

Speaking to you, Rosilina exclaims, "It's your turn!"

You say, "Ooo ok."

You say, "Ok hope ye ready."

You recite:

"A picklesmith's craft is a labor of love
Not as simple as some may assume
It is not just about dipping items in vinegar
Or brine, for you folks to consume"

You recite:

"Its a craft that's perfected with years of hard training
With skills both innate and acquired
From apprentice to craftsman, from craftsman to Master
To create for us pickles inspired."

You recite:

"There is more to a pickle than the placement of food
Into jars filled with acidic juice
Let me open your minds, to the kind of excitement
That a true picklesmith can induce "

You recite:

"For pickling's more subtle than you might imagine
With each flavour designed to convey
Some emotion or action desired by the pickler
Every pickle has something to say"

Rosilina grins at you.
Bansh ponders.
Bordaline snickers.
Kirryk appears to be trying hard not to grin.

You recite:

"The garlic-dill pickle conveys fortune and wealth
Grammy Plonk's Moomph dill pickle, good taste
When nibbled, brine pickles suggest excellent breeding
When gobbled, an oversized waist."

You recite:

"The small pickled pepper - sweetened not savory
Are the ones that the amorous maids seek
Aphrodisiac qualities, when consumed in great quantities
Wed tomorrow, give birth in a week"

Rosilina snickers.
Bordaline holds her sides and lets out a rumbling belly laugh.
Kirryk giggles.
Rosilina clasps her hand over her mouth.

You recite:

"There are pickles with mustard, savory not sweetened
That can stem any rash's formation
When infused with the ale, that this town has for sale
It will unplug the worst constipation."

Bansh adopts an agreeable expression.
Kirryk's face turns slightly pale.

You recite:

"The half sour pickles are given at funerals
To convey deepest sorrow in death
The large sweetened gherkins have medicinal properties
And can freshen the vilest bad breath"

Bordaline laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Rosilina says, "Oh my."

Bordaline says, "I'm avoiding those."

Bordaline nods.

You recite:

"Well perhaps, I have stretched the truth now just a little
But I hope that my message is sent
If through humor i've increased respect for our picklers
I'll consider my time here well spent"

You incline your head.
You wink.
{Applause follows}

Speaking to you, Bansh exclaims, "Well told!"

Rosilina exclaims, "Wonderful!"

Gweneivia nods approvingly to you.

Bordaline exclaims, "What talent we have here today!"

Speaking to Farain, Bordaline exclaims, "This is going to be tough!"

You say, "Needless to say, I will be watching carefully what pickles you eat."

Bordaline grins at you.

Speaking to you, Rosilina exclaims, "You captured it so well!"


Rosilina glances between Farain and Bordaline.

Rosilina says, "Alright, you two. Let's huddle."

Bordaline cocks her head at Rosilina.
Bordaline whispers, but you can't hear a thing she's saying. It sounds good though, whatever it is!
(Farain whispers and mumbles with the other judges, stopping to look up at the crowd occasionally.)

Rlen recites:

"At the annual pickle fest was held
A contest where poetry was telled
Surpringly though, twas quite a show
the naughtiness could not be quelled"

Fyonn grins.
Kirryk begins chuckling at Rlen!
You chuckle.
Rosilina waggles her fingers mystically at Rlen. How nice.

Speaking to Rlen, Rosilina exclaims, "You should have entered!"

Bordaline agrees with Rosilina.

Rlen says, "I didn't have the material until now."

Rosilina says, "Okay! We're ready."


Rosilina says, "We have first, second, and third places."

Third Place

Rosilina says, "Lyzzi and Oriehn share third place."

Rosilina exclaims, "Well done, you two!"

Bordaline exclaims, "Yes, well done! Most entertaining!"

Second Place

Rosilina says, "In second place..."

Rosilina clears her throat.

Rosilina exclaims, "We have Bansh and his bawdy pickle poem!"

Rosilina exclaims, "Most...interesting poem!"

Rosilina nods at Bansh.

Speaking to Rosilina, Bansh exclaims, "Thank you!"

Farain says, "A devastating tale of pickle loss."

Farain winces.

First Place

Rosilina exclaims, "And, that leaves us with Bremerial in first place!"

Bordaline applauds you.
Rosilina applauds you.

Rosilina exclaims, "Congratulations!"

Fyonn turns to you and cheers!
Bansh turns to face you.
Rlen applauds you.
Bansh turns to you and cheers!
Oriehn turns to you and cheers!
Farain turns to you and cheers!
Lyzzi turns to you and cheers!

Speaking to you, Bordaline says, "I'm going to add mustard to teas from now on."

Bordaline nods to you.
You giggle at Bordaline.

Speaking to you, Rosilina says, "I might have been a little biased as a picklesmith."

Rosilina hums a seemingly random tune.
Gweneivia applauds you.
You chuckle at Rosilina.

You say, "Well Picklesmith are just as dedicated as Brewmasters."

Rlen says, "One should always know one's audience."

Bansh exclaims, "It was a very good accounting of pickles!"

Rosilina exclaims, "Well done to everyone! They were all so good!"

Bordaline says, "Congratulations to each of you! Quite talented, if I do say so myself. You should be proud."


Rosilina says, "Our third place winners each win a single service from me."

Bansh exclaims, "A very nice win!"

Rosilina says, "Second place wins fifteen minutes of service time."

Speaking to Rosilina, Bansh asks, "Service?"

Gweneivia begins chuckling at Bansh!

Speaking to Rosilina, Bansh says, "I was simply restating what you said."

Speaking to Bansh, Kirryk asks, "With or without props?"

Rosilina says, "And first place wins thirty minutes of..."

Rosilina glances at Bansh.
Bordaline raises an eyebrow in Rosilina's direction.
Rosilina clears her throat.
Bansh smiles.

Rosilina exclaims, "Thirty minutes of...well, yes. Service time!"

Gweneivia softly says, "Wow, very nice prizes."

Fyonn asks, "Thirty minutes of pickling?"

Speaking to Rosilina, Bansh exclaims, "Those are very generous prizes!"

Rlen says, "Bremerial doesn't need time set aside to get pickled."

Bordaline exclaims, "I shall go work on fixing the leaky tubs in my shop!"

Rosilina says, "Let me speak to the winners momentarily."

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