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Assess risk
personal - GemStone IV EBON GATE 5112


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -


A scratchy voice emanates from the face, although the red-painted, grinning mouth does not move. "The game Sing Me an Epitaph will begin shortly in the Cedar Clearing." The message is punctuated by impossibly high-pitched laughter as the face fades back into the darkness.


[Feywrot Mire, Cedar Clearing]
Draped with soft blankets of moss that flutter to-and-fro of their own accord, spindly cedar trees ring the area. Their branches stretch out overhead, creating a brittle web across the dark sky. In the center of the clearing, the ground is slightly lumpy, though firmly packed, and riddled with a light dusting of ashes. Several blackened cedar stumps jut out of the ground in front of a particurlarly wide arc of grey-green moss. You also see an oak-framed ebon parchment sign and a games sign up list. Also here: Huckster Zeebo, Beastman Oongar, Javieve, Durakar, Archales, Myniart

Zeebo shouts, "Hello!" The list is just for us to keep track of the order, so no need to push and shove when I open it. Though, if suddenly 50 people show up, we'll be in trouble."

Zeebo just opened the sign up list for 20 signups.
>read list
The sign up list contains the following names:
(1) Myniart
(2) Bremerial
(3) Asenora
(4) Durakar
(5) Lysistrata
(6) Javieve
(7) Ainsley
(8) Eugenides
(9) Archales
(10) Gweneivia

Zeebo squints at a games sign up list.

Speaking to Oongar, Zeebo inquires, "Goblin, did you explain the rules yet?"

Oongar shakes his head.

Oongar mumbles, "Tink dis be awl dem?"

Zeebo rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Zeebo shouts, "I hope so!"

Zeebo says, "I mean..."

Zeebo shouts, "Maybe!"

Oongar slurs, "Kay! I 'splain den!"

Oongar rambles, "Those whoo be singing will git piece of paper from Zeebo to create song 'bout. Wen yoo git yoo payper, yoo have fifteen minoots tu write yer song! Wen yoo fifteen minoots up, yoo git three minoorts to present yer song an give tha paypeer back tu Zeebo. Yoo be judged on consistency wit the death on paypeer, how long yoo take tu perform yoo song, tha contesnt of tha song and tha style. Oh an either 'fore or after yoo perform, please tell us wat tha pypeer sed! There be three prizes and winners!"

Speaking to Zeebo, Oongar mumbles, "I forgit anything?"

Oongar ponders.
Zeebo rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Zeebo shouts, "Remember you're telling the story about the poor unfortunate... what happened to them... their epitaph!"

Zeebo shrugs.

Oongar rambles, "Oh an if yoo no unnerstand me talk, de rooles be theer."

Oongar points at an oak-framed ebon parchment sign.

Speaking to Oongar, Zeebo shouts, "You did good!"

>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
~*~ Sign Me An Epitaph ~*~
Hosted by: Oongar and Zeebo
Number of Players: 20
1. Each player will be given a piece of paper to create a short song about.
2. Each player will be given 3 minutes to present song and paper.
3. Each player will be judged in Consistence with Death, Time, Content, and Style.
4. Prizes will be awarded to the top three Players.

Zeebo says, "Be alert, once I give you your paper you have 15 minutes to write your poem/song."

Oongar rambles, "Oh."

Oongar rambles, "I forgot."

Zeebo says, "Then you have 3 minutes to perform."

Zeebo peers quizzically at Oongar.

Oongar slurs, "Zeebo give out paypeers every three minoots!"

Zeebo says, "You said that."

Oongar mumbles, "Did I?"

Zeebo says, "I think."

Oongar looks over at Zeebo and shakes his head.
Zeebo scratches his head.

Oongar rambles, "No jest the three fer perform."

Zeebo says, "Ooh, right. I give out the papers all staggered like... so everyone gets 15 minutes to write the song, whether they go first or last. We'll go in order of the list."

Papers handed out - each paper has the basis for the epitaph

Zeebo removes a thin waxy piece of paper from in his sturdy ebon pouch.
Zeebo offers you a thin waxy piece of paper. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

You accept Zeebo's offer and are now holding a thin waxy piece of paper.


Speaking to Zeebo, Myniart says, "I am as ready as I am going to get."

Speaking to Myniart, Zeebo says, "Good! You can't go yet though, you'll mess up my carefully orchestrated timing."

Speaking to Myniart, Zeebo shouts, "One minute!"

Speaking to Zeebo, Myniart says, "I am gonna throw it all off anyway, its a short one."

Zeebo says, "That's okay, it only gets messed up if it's too long."

Speaking to Myniart, Zeebo shouts, "GO!"

Myniart sings:
You guys have all heard of him, right?"

Myniart sings:
"He was that "strapping" young lad who came to town last month"

Myniart sings:
"By strapping I mean as thin as a twig
A strong wind would blow him over"

Myniart sings:
"He arrived seeking his fame and fortune
Knowing just how to make himself seem big"

Myniart sings:
"He wandered around town looking for the biggest strongest man around"

Myniart sings:
"The foe he sought he finally found
Sitting right outside town"

Myniart sings:
"He sized him up
taking his measure
waiting for the crowds to gather"

Myniart recites:
"Didn't want anyone to miss his big feat! Placing this man on his seat"

Myniart sings:
"Looking around to make sure all were watching
He wound up and took his big swing"

Myniart sings:
"Only to to find himself face down in the dirt"

Myniart sings:
"The guard standing over him scoffing at his defeat"

Myniart sings:
"And Yentil, well, died right on the spot from embarrassment"


You sing:
"Gretta a maiden of advancing years
Reliving her salad days so it appears
Enlisting assistance from elderly friend
In playing with jumprope, is how she met her end"

You sing:
"Felice held one end of the frayed knotted rope
But jumping was hard. Poor Gretta could not cope
Felice's arm turned but the rope in her hand
Got caught round her friend's neck. As her friend tried to stand"

You sing:
"The rope it got tighter
Poor Gretta went red
And in just a few moments the old maid was dead
The moral is jumprope's a game for the young
Dont play when you're old
lest you also get hung"

Zeebo laughs!
Zeebo says, "It said... Gretta and Felice were playing jumprope one day. It ended with a hanging. Poor Gretta."


Asenora sings with a soaring soprano:
"Thyme loved the sea and loved it well
She took to wandering the shore for shells
And every time she'd see waves swell
She stretched her body out to see what she could see of the sea"

Asenora clears her throat.

Asenora sings clearly:
"One lovely day after a storm"

Asenora sings:
"She wandered out longer than her norm"

Asenora sings clearly:
"Thyme saw the waves and loved their form"

Asenora sings clearly:
"So she stretched her body out to see a closer view of the sea"

Asenora sings softly:
"Her stroll brought her to Surdy's pier
To gather the shells she loved so dear
Thyme stood still and the mists cleared
She walked out to see what she could see of the sea"

Asenora says, "It was Thyme that took a long walk off a short pier."


Speaking to Durakar, Zeebo shouts, "Your turn, GO!"

Durakar recites:
"Gregory discovered that people are flammable."

Durakar sings:
"Gregory sat upon the porch of his rickity home
Wondering how he would pay the tax due.
All his silvers were gone, spent on a carved comb.
He had bought it to win his love's heart"

Durakar sings:
"Yet now the tax collector was on the way
And of gambling Gregory had no clue.
Just how could he have enough within a day?
'Perhaps if I claim insurance on the farm,' he thought."

Durakar sings:
"With this in mind and time running short
Our lovelorn Gregory grabbed up his bottles of lamp oil.
His mind kept turning to the lady he sought to court
He kept pouring the oil across home and field."

Durakar sings:
"With his mind occupied by dreams of his lady fair
Our poor Gregory found himself covered from his toil.
Oil soaked his clothes and he didn't care
Since he just wanted to get what silvers he could."

Durakar sings:
"Striking the match, this poor soul soon found out
Something that we all know ever so well
He learned that people can burn without a doubt
The flame in his hand lit and spread."

Durakar sings:
"Soon he was engulfed, body and life
And his love never knew of all this strife."


Speaking to Lysistrata, Zeebo shouts, "Your turn, GO!"

Lysistrata recites:
"Mabel was so hungry, so starved was Mabel,
She would always eat whatever was on the table!
And not just the table, but also the ground.
A pear on the floor? Then no pear to be found!"

Lysistrata recites:
"She walked the village, begging for food,
But the villagers were no longer in the mood
To humor her appetite, it was so vast!
She dug through the trash, they were aghast."

Lysistrata recites:
"When no more could they stand her aching pleas,
She went to the forest to eat the stinging bees.
She filled up on unknown plants during the day
And small, helpless animals too slow to run away."

Lysistrata recites:
"She could not stop eating, she was very like to burst,
But to fill her bulging belly eternally, she was cursed.
Until a fateful day when she crawled on fat knees
On the leaf-strewn forest floor amongst the trees."

Lysistrata recites:
"Something else thought she looked just divine,
Like, for dinner, she would taste truly fine.
The bear who had followed her, watching her stew,
Decided to himself, "And now I'll eat you!"

Lysistrata says, "The paper said, 'Mabel went for a walk in the forest. She didn't see the bear until it was too late!'."


Speaking to Javieve, Zeebo shouts, "Your turn, GO!"

Javieve recites:
""twas a sad day in town when Lawrence died
The girls tore their hair
Some big tough men cried
And some snivelled stoically
off to the side."

Javieve recites:
""and hoped that they weren't next."

Javieve recites:
"the death, it was grim, thats what everyone said
A glutton EXPLODED!! the newspapers said
Twas a gruesome scene, most folks would have fled"

Javieve recites:
"a death like his folks wont soon forget"

Javieve recites:
""was a simple thing, he'd eaten them before
He wore no spells when he stepped out the door
Ol Rhet was starting to become quite a bore
And boring fights were something he really abhorred"

Javieve recites:
"Recite "so he decided to just have a snack"

Javieve recites:
""no one can say that Lawrence shrank from a fight!
He would barrel right in giving all of his might!
His armor however, was notoriously tight!
That might have contributed to his current plight."

Javieve recites:
""He fought with a dried rolton leg."

Javieve recites:
"Recite "He'd been pretty good against hobs and kobs
He knocked one out with some corn on the cob
He wielded a dented spoon against a trog
And was pretty confident about his odds"

Javieve recites:
""about snacking and then killing with the leg"

Javieve recites:
"but this time luck wasn't on his side
Ol Lawrence was in for big surprise
a bellyache hit with bam! and a boom! to his side
And the rolton leg flew from his hands...and his pride.."

Javieve recites:
""deflated as soon as it happened"

Javieve recites:
"but let it NOT be said that he was afraid
He went into the fight with a strong heart this day
But sometimes in life the price you must pay"

Javieve recites:
"And at least it was on a full stomach "

Javieve says, "The paper said Lawrence liked to eat. One day he found something he just couldn't stop eating. Then his stomach exploded."


Speaking to Ainsley, Zeebo shouts, "Your turn, GO!"

Ainsley sings boisterously:
"Erwin was a betting man
Well known in Beldin's hall
For when a man laid down a dare,
Our Erwin'd heed that call."

Ainsley sings cheerfully:
"He'd bet upon the raindrops as
They fell along the glass
Which one of them would trickle down
To fall first on that lass?"

Speaking to herself, Ainsley adds, "And half of them expected something completely different there."

Ainsley sings rollickingly:
"Yes, betting was poor Erwin's life
And it was his death too.
For one sad night they bet this man
He'd not eat my homemade stew."

Ainsley stares off into space.
Speaking to herself, Ainsley exclaims, "Really, I don't know why they offer those bets. Honest!"

Ainsley sings wryly:
"Now you who know me know me well
And know how I can cook
A pinch of this, a dash of that
A smidge of toadstool root."

Ainsley sings whimsically:
"My pantry stores hold arsenic,
Three bags of of peach tree pits
And seventeen vials of love potion
With labels torn to bits."

Ainsley adds, "Many an unwanted proposition has been turned aside by my promise of a short but bliss filled marriage, due to my inability to tell which of those vials are poson and which are love potions."

Ainsley sings earnestly:
"But Erwin stepped up bravely
Unto my table laid
And departed life quite gravely
By Ainsley's cooking slayed."

Ainsley put a small corked white bottle in her black leather backpack.
Ainsley gulps.

Ainsley sings boisterously:
"For Erwin was a betting man
Well known in Beldin's hall
And when that man threw down his dare
Poor Erwin took the fall."

Ainsley sings jauntily:
"A fork held in his left hand
A spoon within his right
His doom was fast approaching
That dark and stormy night."

Speaking to Asenora, Ainsley says, "Now, mind, I appreciate a man who likes to eat... but I appreciate more those who like to take me out to eat, instead of making me cook."

Ainsley sings dolorously:
"No greater love for gambling
Has anyone displayed
Than Erwin gobbling seconds
Of troll-snot stew that day."

Zeebo gags.

Ainsley sings mournfully:
"His agony was terrible,
The sweat his brow did sheen
And then, poor Erwin gave his all
And licked the wood bowl clean."

Ainsley adds, "It did save on me doing the dishes, I admit, but still..."

Ainsley sings softly:
"We gather here today to mourn
Our brother, brave and true
Laid out, laid down, laid low, all by
A bowl of Ainsley's stew."

Ainsley says, "Icemule to this day has rules that it's not murder, it's just assisted suicide if you ask for seconds of my cooking."

Ainsley sings boisterously:
"For Erwin was a betting man
Well known in Beldin's hall
And when that man threw down his dare
Poor Erwin's dead this fall."

Ainsley says, "And the challenge was: Erwin's friends dared him to eat something he'd never forget. He died."


Speaking to Eugenides, Zeebo shouts, "Your turn, GO!"

(Eugenides raises his hand high in the air, holding it there for a moment in silence before bringing it down quickly to start.)

Eugenides sings softly:
"Sarah was little
But maybe not wise
Sarah had hair that went down to her thighs.
One day on a walk
She'd tears in her eyes.
Some news unexpected,
Someone had died."

Eugenides sings mournfully:
"Her granny was old
Her granny was tired
She had lived a long life,
And so many inspired.
Little Sarah cried hard.
She cried long and well.
She cried so much that she tripped and she fell."

Eugenides sings gravely:
"And then crept upon her,
A fur covered beast,
With mouth full of slaver and glinting sharp teeth.
A wolf had upon her,
This story we know.
A wolf took to eating,
And took bones to go."

Eugenides sings loudly:
"Sarah she cried!
She cried as she died!
Teeth tore at her guts and ate her insides!
But her granny wouldn't know,
Her granny was dead!
The corpse was waiting for Sarah in bed."

Eugenides sings loudly:
"Sarah she cried!
She cried as she died!
Teeth tore at her legs and gobbled her eyes!
Soon her granny would know,
Her granny she'd see,
When her last breath escaped with a weeze."

Eugenides sings softly:
"Sarah was little,
Most certainly unwise.
Sarah shouldn't have wandered outside.
Sarah was young!
Unfortunately so.
But her granny had died.
So she had to go."

Speaking to his waxy piece of paper, Eugenides states, "Sarah went walking to grandmother's house. Too bad she met a wolf along the way."


Speaking to Archales, Zeebo shouts, "Your turn, GO!"

Archales sings with a rich baritone:
"Her hair was matted, her face was um, strong
her tired eyes watched the children all day long
she was a spinster, this much was clear
no more suitors whispered, sweet nothings in her ear"

Archales sings with a rich baritone:
"Tired of yearning, of waiting, she'd had her fill
and hatched a plan to enact her will
she hiked for days unending
searching just to keep her heart from rending"

Archales sings with a rich baritone:
"She heard a cry, and chased the sound
over bushes, trees, and burial mounds
she came upon a baby who looked quite fat and round
with to bright brown eyes brimming with love so profound"

Archales sings with a rich baritone:
"She heard a noise and turned around
it was a momma bear with named Judy looking down
poor Zoe she found her baby
but was eaten on that very spot o ground"

Archales says, "Zoe wanted a baby, so she took judy's and judy got mad."


Speaking to Gweneivia, Zeebo shouts, "Your turn, GO!"

Gweneivia recites softly:
"Jesse was a friend, he'd always been a good friend of mine
But this sad story is about his behind."

Gweneivia recites softly:
"Jesse was always slow but quite ambitious
Whether it was in gambling or catching some fishes
One morn he awoke and up hatched a plan
To find a pretty maid and ask for her hand"

Gweneivia recites softly:
"Unfortunately as I said, Jesse was none too bright
And if we're being honest his looks were a fright
So his only hope was in enterprise
To become much richer than he was wise"

Gweneivia recites softly:
"Jesse started a business out in his shed
(A sheer folly, is what most people said)
Jesse began a pet grooming service
And to give him credit, he wasnt even nervous"

Gweneivia recites softly:
"Well the idea itself wasn't unsound
Plenty of folks had pets around
The problem was the shed had been under construction
And its walls were not too far from bustin."

Gweneivia recites softly:
"Early that summer he was grooming a pig
And he grew very weary, as the hog was quite big
He pulled over a bench and with his typical chance
He sat right on down without even a glance"

Gweneivia recites softly:
"Jesse that poor boy, sat right on a tack
And with his bad luck it *didn't* hit his crack
After that his dreams of pet grooming faded away
And he lost all hope of marrying that day"

Gweneivia recites softly:
"But to his great shock, the women still came flocking
And they weren't jeering or laughing or mocking
Jesse would have had his pick of the town
If only blood posioning from that tack hadn't brought him down!"

Gweneivia softly exclaims, "Jesse wasn't the sharpest tack in the shed but he definitely sat on the sharpest tack in the shed!"


Zeebo shouts, "You all did a great job!"

Oongar mumbles, "Kay! me got the winners, yoo ready?"

Zeebo shouts, "Oh!"

Zeebo inquires, "Should we give toys first?"

We are all given the choice between Jesters and spiders..

Oongar slurs, "Third place winner is!"

Oongar slurs, "Lysistrata!"

Oongar slurs, "The secund place winner!"

Oongar slurs, "Eugenides!"

Oongar slurs, "An tha nummer wun winer! Ainsly!"

Solainne says, "All of you did so well. Verrah impressive."

Zeebo shouts, "Thanks for coming to play our silly game!"

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