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personal - THE CUBBYHOLE

Flag saying welcome to athens

My first Olympics!

My first ever visit to a major international athletics event is chronicled both pictorially and in words. I would like to say that I gave considerable thought to my visit to Athens, but the reality is that the decision to go was based initially on a whim, that took hold and became an obsession. I bought my tickets on Ebay - for more than they were worth I might add - and then paid for a flight that took me to Amsterdam and from there to Athens.

Obtaining accommodation was the difficult thing as hotel prices were hugely over-inflated. However Ebay came to the rescue once more. I answered an advert, contacted the owner of an apartment and arranged for a room at £50.00 a night. In fact what I got was a bed in a room sharing with five men. Mmmmm. No comment.

Athens was wonderful. The people, the stadium, the games and the sightseeing. I didn't even need to use the few words of Greek that I learned. I will certainly go back for a better look-see around the city. Anyone planning to do the same should view 'The Athens Survival Guide', which was my guiding hand in this foreign poetic am I! Anyway that's enough yapping. Take a peek at my pictures.

I have provided the picture on the ones you want to see!

(link)  Athens Accommodation

(link)  Entrance to Olympic Stadium

(link)  Olympic Stadium Baggage Checks

(link)  Overview of OAKA

(link)  Arched walkway within Olympic Stadium

(link)  Walkway within Olympic Stadium

(link)  Glorious view of Olympic Stadium

(link)  Athens 2004 Flag

(link)  Approaching the Stadium

(link)  Early morning stadium approach

(link)  Olympic Architecture

(link)  Arena Seating - 8:30am

(link)  First and second tiers exposed

(link)  Decathlon athletes begin to gather

(link)  Sun shines on Olympic Stadium

(link)  Architectural Splendour

(link)  To the left of my designated seat

(link)  A stadium all to myself

(link)  Lights camera inaction

(link)  The sun shines and the crowds begin to gather

(link)  One dark cloud can't spoil the view

(link)  200 metres - round one heats

(link)  Helenas Helenas

(link)  Decathlon pole vaulters

(link)  Relaxation before the trials ahead

(link)  Ants and cameras watch the javelin thowers

(link)  Picture in picture

(link)  1500 metres - round one

(link)  The Flame

(link)  On your marks

(link)  Voyeur

(link)  Women's 1500 metres medal ceremony

(link)  Hurdlers do it with one leg

(link)  200 metres round one heat three

(link)  Pole vaulting made easy

(link)  The thin legs of long distance runners

(link)  Kenya gold silver and bronze

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